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How to Find and Rank For Low Competitive Keywords in 24 hours for Free

how to rank for low competitive keywords

Ranking for low competitive keywords should be your priority because the main keywords like “SEO” can’t be ranked for within months, at times even a year. Your blog is having zero domain authority, page authority, and you’re targeting competitive keywords like SEO Guide, that’s not good enough. Before you can rank for keywords like that, you will need many backlinks...

How to Buy a Domain name at the Cheapest Price


is it compulsory to buy a domain name? Yes! It is, there are many reasons that proof it, we will discuss more about it in this post. Buying a custom domain name should be your high priority if you want to start a blog because it is the most crucial thing you need to have when starting a blog. But many people are finding to buy a domain name which is very simple to buy. And the major reason why...

What is SEO? I Made It Simple: A Step-By-Step Guide

what is SEO featured image

Many people aren’t getting the meaning of SEO, SEO is one of the most misunderstood and misinterpreted terms in the world of marketing. You will have been hearing people mentioning SEO, Yes, it is a very big marketing tactic, that all webmaster must know with it important and how it works. People are trying to do this SEO every day because it is one of the best ways to drive traffic and new...

How to Create a Blog For Free On Blogger In Less Than 10 Minutes

how to create a blog for free on blogger blogging platform

Starting a blog with Blogspot(blogger) blogging platform is the best for the beginners like you. It is free and easy to set up, most of the people who hosted their blogs on WordPress have used Blogspot blogging platforms before. I love when a new blogger starts with the simplest and easy to set up blogging platform like Blogspot blogging platform, and after something the person can move to...

How to Start a Blog That Makes Nothing Less Than $200 per Month

how to start a blog

Planning to start your own blog(or several blogs)? Some people do sighs, when they see How to Start a blog, why do you think they use to? I knew the reason, they thought to start a blog requires more money, time and it is very hard. That’s not true. Though, I also think the same way when I want to start mine, both now it is the easier thing that I know. In this article of mine, you will...

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