WP Subscribe and WP Subscribe Pro Plugin Review

WP Subscribe and WP Subscribe Pro Plugin Review

WP Subscribe and WP Subscribe pro?

This may be the first time of hearing the name of the plugin, if it is then you’re missing a lot. Even, I think your visitors that aren’t converted into subscribers because you aren’t using this plugin.

Is the plugin costly?

Is the plugin good?

What about the features of the plugin?

Don’t worry, in this content I will make a review about WP Subscribe and WP Subscribe pro. Don’t get it wrong.

  • WP Subscribe is the free version
  • WP Subscribe pro is the paid version.

WP Subscribe and WP Subscribe Pro Review

WP Subscribe and WP Subscribe Pro

WP Subscribe plugin is a plugin whose main functions is to increase your subscription rate i.e add more people to your email list. That’s going to promote your sales and you will make more profit.

The plugin is owned by one of the best premium theme seller Mythemeshop, the plugin is outstanding features which made it unique out of all. Actually, those features made me love it and so,  I come up with an idea to tell everybody by creating a content about the plugin.

Without going too far, I will be discussing the major point about the plugin i.e the features and the pricing, the most enticing part is that I am going to guide you on how to install and set up the plugin from scratch, in this same content.


WP Subscribe is having a lot of features which made it the best out of all. The most outstanding feature is that it can the pro version can be used for popups while the free version is limited to subscription widget only.

Though the free version has its own features while the paid version also has its own features, so I will tell you the features of the two.

Features of WP Subscribe

As have said, WP Subscribe is the free version, so it has limited features. But still, the features are good and it worths some price, but they are doing it free.

Here are the features of WP Subscribe:

  1. Responsiveness; The developer don’t say because it is free, it shouldn’t be fit on all devices or gadget, the plugin is fit on all phones, laptops, tablet and desktops.
  2. The speed is very good: This plugin loads faster, it is professionally and well coded. The developer takes his time to make this because it is rare to free plugins that load fast.
  3. Lightweight: The plugin is having a lesser file, the file capacity is small (in KB).
  4. Easy Configuration: It is easy to configure as for me. I find it easy to configure. All you need to do is to add as a widget, then you edit the words and add yours.
  5. Compatibility: This plugin is compatible with the popular plugins you use on your blog like Yoast, Jetpack, WP Super cache etc.

Features of WP Subscribe Pro

WP Subscribe pro is the paid version of the plugin, as you’ve known the paid version will have many features compared to the paid version. Especially the major features you will need.

Here are the features of the WP Subscribe pro:

  • Responsive forms: WP Subscribe Pro is a subscription widget, so there is form in the widget, the hidden secret is that the forms (like where people will enter their name, email) are fit on Mobile, PC, Tablets. So any device, mobile or gadget your visitor is using, the plugin is suitable for it.
  • Great Speed: I dislike when plugins make the website slow. That’s why I preferred WP Subscribe plugin than other subscription widget plugins, it has a very great speed and it loads faster.
  • Exit intent(popup): This is the additional feature that is inbuilt in the plugin. This will surely bring more subscribers to your email list because of it popups when visitors come or about to leave your website (there are many options there, so you will choose the one you like). Actually, the paid version (WP Subscribe Pro) is the only one that has this feature, so the free version can’t do this.
  • No coding is required: A great kudos to the maker of the plugin, they made it simple and easy to customize without coding. WP Subscribe can be customized to your own personal taste without hiring a developer or coding. Though this is one of the reasons why you shouldn’t use the free version because you can’t customize to your taste, but as for the paid version, this feature is available.
  • Unlimited Colors: The paid version of the plugin i.e WP Subscribe pro has unlimited colours that have been added with the plugin, you can also add new colours with the colour code(for example, #000000).
  • Integration: You can connect popular email marketing software like Aweber, Mailerlite, Feedburner, GetResponse, MailChimp, Benchmark and MailerRelay to your WP Subscribe.  There is a way to do that, I will teach you how to do that in this content.
  • Super Lightweight: The WP Subscribe plugin doesn’t have much code so it is lightweight, it has a small file capacity which can be uploaded to your website without any stress, and also since it is lightweight, it won’t make your website to load slower, that’s one of the reasons why people preferred to use this than other subscription widgets.
  • Compatible with major plugins: The great news is that the plugin is compatible with popular plugins you use on your websites like SEO Plugins e.g Yoast and Caching plugins like WP Super Cache.
  • Custom HTML and Shortcode: Recently, I want to add the search box inside one of my content but it is so hard that I have to code, but with the paid version of WP Subscribe, it is very simple. All you need to do is to paste the shortcode to where you want the subscription widget to display, it can be in the content, pages even the sidebar and in case you’re using home and blog page, then you can also display subscription widget by pasting the shortcode. This will be very good for the developers.
  • Popup Functionalities: Major functions of a popup plugin like Popup animation, Popup trigger is also present in the plugin, though in the paid version.
  • 24/7 Dedicated Support: As have said earlier, the plugin is owned by one of the best theme seller (mythemeshop), so it has 24/7 support when you’re facing any problem using the plugin or want to do some things and you don’t get it, they are the developer, contact them they will help you. This is free when you purchase the premium version of the plugin (WP Subscribe Pro).


Another thing I know you will like about this plugin is that it doesn’t involve paying either per month or yearly. It only involves paying once and getting the plugin. After paying, then you will have the updates for a year, so after a year you will pay a small amount of money so as to keep getting the updates.

The updates of the plugin are very important because new features will be added and also it will be compatible with your WordPress version (as long as the WordPress updates, the plugin developers will also make an update).

The plugin is having both it free and paid version, but it has limited features as I have mentioned in the features section.

WP Subscribe Price

This is the free version of the plugin.

This is free for life, but with limited features.

You can find WP Subscribe in the WordPress Plugin Directory. I will write on how to install and set up in this content.

WP Subscribe Pro Price

This is what am referring to as the paid version of the plugin in this content.

It costs $39, but as at 22nd of July 2018, it costs $29 because a coupon is added, it can expire at any time.

Don’t worry, I will guide you on how to buy, how to install and how to set up.

Why Do I Need WP Subscribe?

Some people keep asking themselves why do they need the plugin?

WP Subscribe plugin is a plugin you should have on your blog. Even you can use the free version just in case if you can’t afford to buy the paid version at the moment.

Some other reasons why you need a wp subscribe plugin are;

  • Increase your subscription rate.
  • Increase your earnings or sales.
  • Turn visitors into subscribers.
  • Add subscription widget inside content or sidebar.
  • Increase your blog traffic.

Installing and Setting Up WP Subscribe and WP Subscribe Pro

You’ve known more about the plugin, I mean it pricing, features, the reasons why you should buy and other things.

So the next thing is knowing how to install and set up the plugin.

I am starting with the plugin installation.

Installing WP Subscribe and WP Subscribe Pro

In this section, I am going to tell you how to install both the free and the premium version of the plugin. It is simple, you don’t need to hire someone before you can do this.

You only have to follow steps.

How to install WP Subscribe

It is free as have said, so it is very simple to install. You can find the plugin in the WordPress plugin directory. It is simple.

Follow all these steps to install WP Subscribe:

Step 1: Login to your WordPress dashboard, from the left sidebar, you will see plugins. Place your cursor on it then you will see Add new, click on it.

Adding new plugins on wordpress

Step 2: Then you see the small search box from the right-hand side, so you will type “WP Subscribe” in the search box, then you see the plugin, it is the first result, it is By MyThemeShop. So click on install within some seconds it will install then bring activate button.

Adding plugins on wordpress

You’ve successfully installed and activated the plugin. In case you aren’t buying the paid version, you can scroll to the Setting up section to set up the plugin.

How to Install WP Subscribe pro

WP Subscribe pro is a premium plugin, you will have to pay so after paying you will have access to download the plugin, so after downloading, then you will upload to your blog manually. It is simple. So let’s buy the plugin first, then I will tell you how to upload.

Follow all these steps to buy WP Subscribe pro plugin:

Step 1: Click here to go to the sales page. Then Click on “Get it now!”.

How to buy WP Subscribe Pro Plugin
Product’s Page

Step 2: Clicking on Get it now has added the plugin to your cart, then you will be redirected to Cart login, you will have to sign up, then make a review of the product, then you pay. It is straight-forward from there. So you can do it.

How to purchase WP Subscribe Pro Plugin
Cart Login

So you’ve successfully purchased the WP Subscribe Pro.

How to upload the WP Subscribe pro plugin

After buying the plugin, the next thing is the installation.

Follow all these steps to upload WP Subscribe pro plugin:

Step 1: Login to your WordPress dashboard, from the left-sidebar you will see plugins place the cursor then you will see add new, click on the add new.

uploading WP Subscribe pro

Step 2: So you will see the option to choose file, so click on choose file, then you will be redirected to your computer so from there you will locate the file, then click on it and click open so it will upload.

choosing wp subscribe pro plugin

Step 3: So after uploading, then you will see that the file has been uploaded, so you will click activate.

Activating WP Subscribe plugin

So you’ve successfully installed WP Subscribe pro.

Setting Up WP Subscribe and WP Subscribe Pro

I assumed you’ve successfully installed the plugin, so the next thing is configuring/setting up the plugin. As have done the older time, I will tell you how to setup wp subscribe and wp subscribe pro, so let’s get started.

How to setup WP Subscribe

Setting up is very simple, it can be done by following some steps, I will tell you the steps.

Follow all these steps to setup wp subscribe;

Step 1: Login to your dashboard, place your cursor on appearances, then you will see widget, click on widget.

adding wp subscribe pro as a widget

Step 2: So after clicking on widget, you will drag WP Subscribe widget and add to either your footer or sidebar or anywhere you want. It is from there that you set up things. Though, you can just follow the instructions. Here is the meaning of some things you will see;

  • Service: Your email subscription software, mine is Mailchimp (don’t be too sad if your email subscription software isn’t there because, from the features, I told you it is limited to only MailChimp, Aweber and Feed Burner. So if your email marketing software is excluded, then you have to go for WP Subscribe Pro.
  • MailChimp List: This is the list on your email marketing software. My email marketing software is MailChimp that’s why it is MailChimp list, if yours is Aweber, then it will be Aweber List.

WP Subscribe Widget Settings

After, then you will click on save so as to save all the settings you’ve made.

You’ve successfully setup your WP Subscribe, you now go to your website and check. If you add to the sidebar, you will see the subscription widget there.

How to setup WP Subscribe Pro

Setting up WP Subscribe pro is also simple just as for WP Subscribe, the only differences between the both is that the premium version (WP Subscribe pro) has many features which will take a little bit time to configure it. I mean you will have to change colour, edit the texts, and other things.

Before setting up, you need to answer this question.

Do you want a subscription widget or a popup?

Either of the two, I am going to tell you how to set up the plugin for the both.

Follow all these steps to make popups with WP Subscribe pro:

Step 1: Login to your WordPress dashboard, from the left-sidebar, look for settings, so place the cursor on it then you will see WP Subscribe pro as a submenu (you need to have installed the plugin), so click on it.

WP Subscribe pro settings

Step 2: You will be redirected to WP Subscribe pro dashboard, so you will check enable popup since you want to make a popup. then you can customize or setup (it is straight-forward, you can read the options). So after customizing then you click save. You need to do some things in Popup content and Popup Triggers also, it is simple, just click on them.

You’ve successfully created a popup, so it will display as you’ve set it.

Follow all these steps to make subscription widget with WP Subscribe pro:

Step 1: Login to your WordPress dashboard, from the left-sidebar, look for settings, so place the cursor on it then you will see WP Subscribe pro as a submenu (you need to have installed the plugin), so click on it.

WP Subscribe pro settings

Step 2: Now, from the top, you will choose single posts. The screenshot will explain more.

setting up subscription widget with the WP Subscribe pro

Step 3: Then you will check 

Subscription form with WP Subscribe Pro plugin

Note: This setting will display the subscription widget inside your content, but if you want to add to your sidebar, footer or any area. You can go to widgets from the appearance in your WordPress dashboard, and then you will see WP Subscribe pro, then you drag the widget to where you want it to show. So you can set up the widget from there. It is just like the free version, so you can copy from how to set up the free version because it adds widget sidebar or footer.


Without any doubt, WP Subscribe is a plugin that all WordPress blog should have, especially those blogs that makes use of email marketing. It is a great plugin you should have. It worths the price.

The premium version of the plugin (WP Subscribe pro) is what you should buy, it is very good with its features and also if it can be customized without coding or hiring a pro. When iIwant to design a web for one of my clients, that’s when I know about this great plugin. Actually am going for bloom before.

So what’s your opinion about WP Subscribe?

I will be glad to hear from you about WP Subscribe.

WP Subscribe Pro
  • Features
  • Price
  • Support


WP Subscribe Pro is the one of the best Subscription Widget and Popup Maker you should use on your blog, it is easy to use, configure, customize without doing.

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