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I am very sure you don’t know WP Puzzle, The company is among the fast growing WordPress theme and plugin developers in the world.

WP Puzzle as a WordPress theme and plugin developer is a company, they make responsive WordPress themes that improves the rankings of the website/blog on search engines.

The enticing part is that, WP-Puzzle made everything simple, Almost everything (themes and plugins) is free, though the free version have some limited features, but the premium is super, they have two premium version i.e VIP and VIP+.

In this content, I will tell you more about WP Puzzle, I will tell you more about their themes, plugins and tell you if their themes are the best for you or not.

WP Puzzle

wp puzzle logo

WP Puzzle is one of the best WordPress theme and plugins developer, they have over 17,000 satisfied users, they are doing a great work creating responsive WordPress themes and plugins.

They also create free responsive WordPress themes and plugins which you can use on your blogs, they don’t say because it is a free version, it is well coded.

Actually, I switched to this theme from TypePlus WordPress theme, I noticed that the basic theme is very simple, responsive, SEO Friendly and lightweight.

Now, l will tell you the list of WordPress themes and plugins from WP Puzzle.

WP Puzzle Themes


As have said, the company is a theme developer, so they have stunning and responsive themes that will improve your rankings on the search engines.

Here is the list of their responsive WordPress themes;


basic by wp puzzle

Basic WordPress theme is one of the popular WordPress theme especially the free version, it is rated very well on WordPress.org theme directory.

Basic WordPress theme has three plans; Free, VIP (costs $10/year) and VIP+(costs . Each plans has it own features.

Features of Basic WordPress theme

The features that made the WordPress theme a very good theme that I choose are;

  • Color Customization.
  • eCommerce Supported.
  • Schema.org micro markup.
  • Responsive layout.
  • SEO Optimized.
  • Strict Adherence to Standards.

Basic WordPress theme Demo

You will like to checkout the basic WordPress theme with it great features, click on Basic WordPress theme Demo to check it now.

How to buy Basic WordPress Theme plans

It is so simple, you can get basic free version from WordPress Theme Directory, And follow the steps below to buy the other plans from WP Puzzle website.

Step 1: Click here to go to basic WordPress theme sales page, then click on buy.

basic wordpress theme sales page

Step 2: After clicking on buy, then you will see the packages, choose any desired packages, then click on “checkout” under your desired package.

basic wordpress theme checkout

You will be redirected to where to pay and then sign up, then you will get a mail that you’ve purchased the product, then you will have access to the theme.

RelinPro WordPress Theme

relinpro by wp puzzle

Relinpro is another theme from WP Puzzle, It is a multi-purpose theme which can be use for personal website, magazine, news blog etc. It is responsive and easily to customize.

Features of RelinPro WordPress Theme

  • Can be use for any type of blog.
  • Color Customization.
  • eCommerce Supported.
  • Schema.org micro markup.
  • Responsive layout.
  • SEO Optimized.
  • Strict Adherence to Standards.

RelinPro WordPress theme Demo

Want to check how relinpro wordpress theme looks like? it is simple.

Click on “RelinPro Demo” to check the demo.

How to buy RelinPro WordPress theme

Buying Relinpro WordPress theme involves the same steps you’ve done for buying basic wordpress theme, here are the steps you need to follow to buy relinpro WordPress theme:

Step 1: Click here to go to the RelinPro WordPress theme sales page.

Step 2: Click on “buy now”, then you choose a plan by click on checkout button under the desired plan, then you will be redirected to the payment page where you will also sign up. And that’s all.

buying relinpro wordpress theme

Simple Puzzle

Simple puzzle is another WordPress theme from WP Puzzle, It is a Elegant, clean and exquisite WordPress theme. It can be use on many blogs. Here are the other features of the theme.

Features of Simple Puzzle

  1. Responsive template to mobile devices
  2. Using SVG graphics (Retina-ready – adapted for viewing on Retina screens)
  3. Several micro markup types on Schema.org format to choose from
  4. Valid, clean and SEO-optimized code
  5. Fast and convenient mobile version with current requirements of search engines
  6. Two custom sliders for static home page
  7. Ability to disable/enable slider for different pages
  8. Customizable number and sidebars location

Checking Simple Puzzle WordPress theme demo is simple, Click on “SimplePuzzle Demo” to check the demo of the great wordpress theme.


SunsetCafe is another theme from WP Puzzle, though it is a restaurant wordpress theme, It is suitable for a restaurant website only. Here are the features of the theme:

Features of SunsetCafe:

  1. Adaptation to all mobile devices.
  2. Valid, clean and SEO-optimized code.
  3. Use of SVG graphics (adaptation to Retina screens).
  4. Selection of micro markup on Schema.org on Recipe or Article type.
  5. Customisation of page layout.
  6. Wide selection of available fonts, primary color and other elements.
  7. Customizable number of sidebars.
  8. Customization of slider on homepage.
  9. Embedded auto updater.

Click on SunsetCafe demo to check the theme demo


fashionista by wp puzzle

Fashionista is another theme from WP Zoom, It is having many features just like the other themes. Here are the features of Fashionista;

Features of Fashionista:

  1. Valid, clean and SEO-optimized code.
  2. Full adaptation to mobile devices.
  3. Ability to customize homepage in magazine format.
  4. Settings of appearance, fonts and template functionality in Customizer.
  5. Advanced slider settings.
  6. Micro markup on Schema.org.
  7. Auto update.

WP Puzzle Plugins

As have said WP Puzzle also develops WordPress Plugins, so i will list their plugins and tell them their uses.


WP Puzzle is an award winning Responsive WordPress theme and Plugin developers, I am very sure within short period of time, and effective internet marketing, they will be popular just like MyThemeShop and others.

Their themes makes me happy everyday, as it it SEO Optimized, I use their themes on all of my blogs and they are doing well on search engines.

Without any doubt, WP Puzzle is the best place to get your new WordPress theme.

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