7 Reasons Why Marketing is Important to a Business

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Probably, you are part of those wondering why marketing is important to a business?

You are in the right place.

In this content, I will discuss more the reasons why marketing is very important to your business.

It is a straightforward content; I am going straight to the points and also explain in-depth.

Before we start, I want you to know that;

Without Marketing, It is hard to get success in business within little time.

Let’s get started.

Why is Marketing Important to a Business?

As have said earlier; This is a straightforward content, I will go straight to the point.

But now, I am about to tell you about marketing and business briefly.

Trust me; I will discuss what you don’t know about marketing and business… You may know it though, but I will explain more.

I am starting with marketing.

Marketing: Briefly.


Marketing is the promotion of products and services.

Every popular product nowadays went viral with the help of marketing, they are unknown sometimes ago.

Marketing happens to be one of the most do things in a business.

Marketing is the secret to business success, so it is the source where big business got their success from.

Amazon as a typical example, The shopping website gets customers from search engines and blog mostly.

They go into Search Engines Marketing, and also Affiliate Marketing which made the get customers from blogs.

Some bloggers create reviews about Amazon products, so they refer people to Amazon.

That’s how Amazon keeps getting more customers, and more!

There are many types of marketing, but Digital Marketing is the most popular.

Digital Marketing is the type of marketing that deals with the promotion of products and services with the use of digital technologies.

Digital technologies are the latest technology devices like Phone, Laptop etc.

There are two types of digital marketing, namely:

  • Online Marketing: This is also known as Internet Marketing. It is the type of digital marketing which involves promotion products and services with the use of the internet. Examples are Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc.
  • Offline Marketing: This is the opposite of Online Marketing. It is the type of digital marketing which involves the promotion of products and services without the use of the internet. Examples are SMS Marketing, Billboard Marketing, Media Marketing etc.

Business: Briefly.

a man

Business is any activity you do to make money.

In some business, making money shouldn’t be your focus or aims, after some time then you will make money.

Everyone do businesses… How much you will make depends on the kind of business you do.

Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder of Facebook happens to be billionaires because of their business.

Remember at first they make nothing.

When it comes to business, you need

  • Patience.
  • Commitment.
  • Investment (where marketing is).

There are many types of business, I said it earlier.

It can be classified into two types, namely:

  • Private Business: This is usually a small business. It is one-man business i.e you will bear the loss, raise the capital, and also take the profit made. A typical example is; Nduka Light, A very skillful Logo Designer… tell him you’re from Malik Olabiyi in case you want to hire him.
  • Corporate Business: This is usually a Large Business. It is multi-people business i.e friends, families, or partners can come together to make a business. Profit is shared among each other based on the capital, every member contributes to the capital. Examples are; Banks, Pepsi Cola etc.

5 Reasons Why Marketing is Important to Your Business

I don’t have much to say here again, so I am going straight to the reasons.

Here are the reasons why marketing is important to a business:

1. More Sales.

buy button

Sales are your products… When it comes to marketing, we called it sales.

Assuming, you sell 10 products per day, with thorough marketing you will be able to sell x10 by per day i.e. 100products.

10 products without marketing, 100 products with marketing, that’s pretty cool.

When you do marketing, your products will be shown to many people… though, in some cases you will need to a professional marketer.

A professional marketer will target the users that need your products most, with their interests and other things.

Especially if you go into online marketing, social media marketing to be precise, billions of people are on social media.

You can let your products reach them with Marketing… You will also need some marketing strategies which will let people buy your products.

That’s why I said you will need a professional marketer.

2. More Profits.


You invest in the business; so you should expect more profits.

Do you make $100 from 10 products per day without marketing?

With marketing, you get 100 products sold per day, that’s $1000.

You have gotten more profit.

After making your profits, all you need to do is to do more marketing.

Tell your marketer to check the performances properly, he is an expert so he should check it.

Make sure you ask him for confirmation… there is no sin in doing that.

3. Popularity.


Amazon is very popular, how can I make mine popular also?

You need to do good marketing.

Marketing will show you to the world… Almost everyone is online now, especially on social media.

Even, if you do marketing without people buying your products you should just believe your product has reached another person so he has also known about it.

Sometimes ago, Coca-cola is unknown.

Coca-cola sold only "25 bottles" in its first year.

But with effective marketing, they are able to get more customers and also make more profits.

4. More Customers.


Yes… Your products will be shown to many people with marketing.

If the product is what they need, they will surely get it.

A typical example is App developing business… Let’s assumed a developer build an android app called ReadNow.

The app is mainly for students or who loves studying right?

While doing marketing, you will target with ages, location, and interests.

You will think that between age (12 – 20), they are students, some adults also love studying apps that’s the interest. Probably, if you want only people who live in the US to use the app.

You will surely get your customers.

5. Easily keep existing customers.


This is very important in Business.

In Business, you should make everything possible not to lose a customer.

In business;

Customers are valuble just like childrens are to parents.

Keeping old customers is possible with Marketing especially Internet Marketing.

Social Media Marketing, a type of internet marketing is used for this.

After people have bought your product, you can tell them to follow you on social media platforms also.

Bloggers are smarter, they have social media follow buttons on their blog sidebar.

Whenever they have new contents, they will just share on the social media platforms especially facebook.

You can also like my blog’s page: Bluecabal Facebook Page.

6. Rapid Growth.

You are getting more sales, more profits, more customers, able to keep existing customers?

That’s very cool.

Your business is now growing.

You will also know when you’re getting more sales, customers, and profit.

Thanks to marketing right?

Growth is a very important thing in business.

When your business is fully grown, people will like to partner with you.

7. Defeat Competitor.


Sometimes ago, I dislike anything related to competition.

But later, realized life is all about competition.

There is also competing in business, you cannot escape competition.

Even if you’re doing, other people will do.

Now, you can compete with other businesses related to yours.

Defeat Competitor simply means you will get more sales, profits, and customer than them.

You will always have a competitor(s).

People will even start the competition, they will start like this.

Bluehost VS Siteground.

So you will need to do more marketing, doing more marketing will surely

Additional tips: How to start marketing for your business – Business Marketing.

I am very sure you will be anxiously waiting for how to start marketing for your business?

That’s right.

Without any doubt, Marketing is very important.

Here are some business marketing tips:

  1. Create Social Media Accounts.
  2. Create a website for your business.
  3. Advertisement.
  4. Make some free products (not applicable to all businesses).

Must Read: What I forgot to tell you

Marketing is a business.

Business is marketing.

Without marketing, you won’t be able to make the definition of marketing real.

Business is any activity do to make money i.e make a profit.

It is only with marketing that you can get customers who will buy your products and you will get profits.

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