Where to Put Google Analytics Code in WordPress? – Solved

where to put google analytics code in wordpress

In setting Google Analytics for your WordPress blog, you will also want to ask this question: Where to Put Google Analytics Code in WordPress?

That shouldn’t be an issue for you, It is a simple thing. It will take you only a few minutes.

Google analytics is one of the best tools a blogger should use, even marketers. It is from Google. The tool is used for tracking traffic, it has many features. you can check the country, the phone, city, that your visitors are from. You will check the details of them including the bounce rate and the other important things.

In order to use google analytics, you have to add a script to your website/blog so that they can track people as they are coming to your website, so they will show you the result.

Google analytics results are accurate and reliable.

In this content, I am going to give the best answers to that question.

Where to Put Google Analytics Code in WordPress?

Google analytics is a tool made by Google to track the people coming to your website i.e traffic. The tool is actually free, it isn’t having paid version.

So the issue about the tools is that people are finding it difficult to put the google analytics code on their WordPress blogs, which is simple.

Before doing this, I assumed you’ve created a Google Analytics account for your blog already. Just in case you don’t have one already. Click on “how to create a Google Analytic account” to read about it.

Actually, where to put the google analytics code in WordPress is simple, though some WordPress themes have the features of adding google analytics code to them.

I have a simple method to place google analytics code in WordPress.

Follow all these steps to place google analytics code in WordPress:

Step 1: Go to Analytics and go to “admin” from the left-sidebar then “tracking info” and then “tracking code”. Then copy the code, that’s what you will place on your WordPress blog.

google analytics dashboard

Step 2: So the next thing is adding the code to your WordPress blog, to do that you need to install a plugin and then paste the code. Login to your WordPress dashboard, then go to plugins, then add new, so search “Insert Header and Footer” to activate and install it.


Step 3: The next thing is to paste the google analytics code to Insert header and footer plugin, so go to settings, then you will see insert header and footer, so click on it. Then you will see the box to paste the code, so paste there. The screenshot will explain more.

google analytics code on wordpress

Then click save.

You’ve successfully added google analytics code to WordPress.


I am very sure with this guide, you have learnt one or two things, especially how to place google analytics codes to WordPress.

So you don’t have to worry about the question; where to put google analytics in WordPress.

Have a nice day ahead, if you’re facing any problem adding google analytics code you can let me know.

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Malik Olabiyi

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2 Replies to “Where to Put Google Analytics Code in WordPress? – Solved

  1. Good information. actually i’m paste code in header part, now i follow your tips and install plugin and paste.

    Thanks for New Trick.

    1. Hi Nitin, Pasting by editing the theme at the header part doesn’t seem professional because when the theme gets an update, the script will be removed, so adding with the plugin is the best ever. Thank you!

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