What is Email Marketing, the Types and How Does it Work?

What’s Email marketing?

What are the types of email marketing?

How Does Email Marketing Work?

You don’t need to bother yourself on that or get confused, I will discuss that in this beginner’s guide to Email marketing.

Email marketing is one of my best online marketing categories, and am very sure after learning it and when using it on your website, you will surely become a fan of email marketing.

It is very simple compared to others, all you need is just Email marketing software, which is so easy to get nowadays, you won’t have to do much stress before sending emails to your subscribers.

Sorry, I forgot to tell you this:

Email marketing involves sending of emails to subscribers.

You can promote a product, share content, advertise your business to the subscribers on your email list.

That’s simply how email marketer does it, it is very simple.

Now, let’s get started by explaining the meaning of email marketing.

What’s Email Marketing

email marketing

I love to explain things, “Email Marketing” has appeared a lot in this content, so therefore this content is related to email marketing.

Yes, it is very related to it, it’s what I am even discussing.

Anyways what’s email marketing?

Email marketing is the process of promoting goods or service by sending emails to subscribers.

Another mean for lazy man is:

Email marketing means sending of emails (contents) to subcribers.

So the emails can be for anything, I mean you can sell products through it, get people who will hire you and do other things.

It’s depending on your subscribers, if assuming you have 1000 subscribers in your email list, then you have a product to sell at $30, imagine the profit you’re going to make so for this reason, my business owners hire email marketer to work for them.

Sure, I can also work as an email marketer, you can go to the contact page to send messages to hire me.

Email marketing is also divided into many parts, let me called that types of email marketing.

Types of Email Marketing

Email marketing allows businesses to use for many purposes, you can use email marketing to tell people about upcoming events, seminars and others.

Here are the types of email marketing:

  1. Newsletters: This is the emails sent to inform subscribers of any business news or upcoming promotions, newsletters are typically sent on a recurring basis, such as every week or month.
  2. Promotional campaigns: These emails let customers know about upcoming sales. They can be sent in the days leading up to a sale, as well as during the sale, as a reminder to customers.
  3. Invitation emails: These emails keep subscribers update to an event. The main purpose is to invite them to the event, when you have seminars or conferences, you can send this type of email to your subscribers.
  4. Catalogue emails: This is mainly sent to subscribers to highlight products or services, a typical example is when you’re review products (like hosting).
  5. Lead-nurturing emails: These are emails sent to subscribers to convert them into customers, maybe you have a product you’re selling, you can use lead-nurturing emails to convert your subscribers you get through your blog into customers who will buy your products.
  6. Survey emails: These are emails sent to find out more about customers’ needs and wants.
  7. Transactional emails: These are emails sent after a purchase is made to confirm the transaction, say thank you and encourage the customer to shop with you again.
  8. Welcome emails: These are emails sent after a subscriber subscribed to the email list, this is can be used to get the subscribers back to your blog or website (You are going to include your website link in the welcome email).

I am going to discuss more types of email marketing and how to do them later, not now, this guide is for email marketing not types of email marketing, I recommend joining my newsletter so as to get the update as soon as I published it.

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what are the benefits of doing email marketing?

Let’s move to the reasons why you need to do email marketing.

Why do I need to do Email Marketing?

Everything has both its benefits, so also email marketing, here are some reasons why you need to do email marketing:

The reasons are also the same as that of the reasons why you need to do online marketing, but am telling you again now:

  1. To get more sales or get people who will hire you.
  2. To send private messages to people (you may be selling a course, but decide to give your viewers for free, you can share by sending emails.
  3. To drive traffic to your contents (after publishing new contents, you can send a message to your subscribers.
  4. To turn viewers into customers (actually, this is a gradual process).
  5. To create a room for audience decision (you can send an email to your subscribers to tell you what they really want).

Don’t worry, when you start doing email marketing, you will learn more about it.

I assumed you’ve known what email marketing really means now, the next thing is to tell you how email marketing works and also somethings you need to know about it.

How does Email Marketing work?

Email marketing is very simple, I mean very simple.

Some people be like this:

woman sad

That’s because they don’t know how email marketing works.

Here is how email marketing works:

You need a Email Marketing software, the email marketing software is the one you will use to send emails to your subscribers. With the email marketing software, you will create a email list, then email marketing software is going to give you the email form to paste on your website (there are many ways to do this, you can use popups) so that’s what people will use to join your email list.

So after they’ve joined your email list, then you will create campaign i.e emails, creating a campaign is easy, depending on the email marketing software. Some email marketing softwares allows the using of drag and drop widget to make text, images to send to subcribers. I will teach you how to do that also in another guide. After creating you will send to those who have subscribed to your email list.

Do you really understand how email marketing works now?

You be having difficulties with the meaning of some things there, I will explain them now.

Terms you should know in email marketing

I keep mentioning some terms in this guide, but you are getting confused.

Here are the terms and their meaning:

  • Email Software: This is the software used for email marketing, it is used for sending emails to subscribers, it hosts the subscriber’s details so it will send emails whenever you published emails.
  • Email list: This is the main tool in email marketing, it is the one that shares emails to those who subscribed to it, so you will have to put the sign-up form on your blog so when people sign up, you will be notified, then you can send messages to them.
  • Campaigns: These are the email messages that are sent the to individual (or a segment)at a specific period of time for the different purpose, you can collect emails from people and sort in different places in your email marketing software, so with campaigns you can send emails to those sorted places at specific period.


Can you now see that email marketing is simple?

Does it look complex to you?

It’s simple, maybe because you just start, when you start it properly you will surely love it!

It’s goin to bring more sales to your company, so you will make more profit!

I hope you have known what email marketing is, the types and how it works now?

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