What is an Email List?: What Nobody Has Told You About This

What is an Email List? does that concern me? it concerns you since you want to do email marketing

I went to google search engines and type “what is email list” I couldn’t find a good content that explains more about email list and what it really means.

It isn’t good enough, so I decided to write about the topic and make sure everybody really understands everything about email list, this is just the meaning, I publish about other also. I recommend joining my newsletter so as to get the update after I published new contents.

Recently, I have written quickly guide on what is email marketing and the components, I also made mention of email list and I don’t really emphasise more on it.

In this guide, I will tell you more about email list, so also how to build a successful one.

I see email marketing as the simplest and the easiest way to promote a product or service, it is even free (but the email marketing software made it premium).

Email marketing is simple, just gather the emails of the people, send messages to them and that’s all, can you see it is simple now.

huh, I want to discuss email list, yeah!

Let’s get started with some things you need to know about an email list.

An Email List as a topic

email list

An Email list?

That looks strange, right?

It shouldn’t be because it is the tool used in email marketing.

Without email list then there is nothing like email marketing.

Don’t worry, I will tell you the reason for that also in this guide(under this section).

Is email marketing the process of sending messages to subscribers right?

Yes, it is.

Sending messages to subscribers is what email list actually do, that’s its, major function.

It performs many functions, it collects people’s email address and also sends messages to them, even if you have 10,000 subscribers, email list will send a message to everybody at once.

So that’s why I said that “Without email list, then there is no email marketing”.

Now, you’ve known some things about email list, right?


Let’s proceed to what an email list really means.

What is an Email List?

An email list has a simple mean.

Here is what email list means in a nutshell.

Email list is a software (tool) that sends emails to its subscribers.

An email list is inbuilt inside email marketing software (software used in email marketing) so email list is the main tool that shares your messages to the subscribers.

The untold story is that you can create unlimited email list(depending on the plans of your email marketing software).

You can create separate email lists for your blogs, or even for your contents and others.

People can subscribe to any of the email lists, all you need to do is to paste the sign-up form.

The importance of having an email list?

An email list, I won’t use it, what’s the benefit of having an email list?

Actually, there are many benefits, but here are the major benefits:

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  1. More sales or revenue: Are you using an affiliate program and looking for those who will buy from your affiliate link? your email subscribers can buy from there (though it is depending on the purpose of gathering the people, you should deceive them), assuming you have 1000subscriber in your email list, so when you refer someone to buy a product you will get $30, so you sent a message to your subscribers surely many will buy from you. And also if it is about your products, you can send a message to your subscribers to buy your products so from there you will get more sales.
  2. Trust: You can use your email list to build your trust into the people. For instance, when someone login to your website, and you make a popup so he subscribed, you keep sharing your contents, so from there you can build trust, so whenever you have something to sell, they will surely buy because free ones are superb already talkless of premium.
  3. Traffic: Email list is also one of the ways bloggers nowadays are using to get traffic, whenever they update their blog then they send messages (email) to their subscribers with catchy title and texts.
  4. Turning visitors to customers: Actually, this should be my first point, this is the reason why you see companies making use of email list, email list also help in this. People coming from SEO can be converted into customers with an email list. Assuming you have 1000visitors from search engines per day, at least 200 people will sign up to your mail list, and by sending important and related messages to them they can turn up being your customers.

Other purposes like:

  • ¬†Conferences: You may decide to host a conference and need people who will attend, you can send a message to your subscribers.
  • Voting: It occurs sometimes when they may want to choose the best website for your niche, so you need voters, you can send a message to your subscriber also.

What email list does

An Email list does many things when it comes to email marketing, but here are the major things it does:

  1. Send messages to it subscribers.
  2. Add and Host subscribers (email address and names).
  3. Can create segments (you may decide to group your subscribers).
  4. Create sign-up forms.
  5. Import and export contacts.

Email does many other functions, you will get known to that when you started using it.

Additional tips: How to build an Email List

Though, I should tell you this fully in this guide, but actually it needs a different guide on its own (sure I will create for it, join my newsletter so as to receive the updates). Moreover, before you can build an email list you need an email marketing software(I will write about the best soon).

What building an email list means is that getting people who will subscribe to your email list, I mean getting subscribers.

I am going to talk about the simple ones.

Here are some strategies you can use:

  1. Embed sign-up form inside your contents: People can see the sign-up form in your contents easily, so make use of catchy texts to attract them.
  2. Make Freebies: Let people know that after they subscribed you will give them an ebook or something tangible.
  3. Invitation: You can go to facebook groups or pages, or forum, let them know what you have for them then embed your sign up forms or you should redirect them to your landing page.

You can check other strategies on how to build an email list from Vertical Response.


I hope you’ve really learned one or two things?

Do you now understand what email list means now?

Has nobody told you all these things about email list right?

Sure nobody has done this, so am the one to do this.

I think I deserve accolades right?

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