What is a Content Marketing Strategy? A New Online Marketer Asked

what is content marketing strategy

It was like a joke in “Learn Online marketing’s WhatsApp group” when someone asked, “What is a content marketing strategy“?

I haven’t taught them about Content marketing strategy, so I told them I will create a complete guide that will explain to the fullest.

Here is the guide.

Before content marketing strategy, you need to know more about Content Marketing.


It seems I have a complete guide on the Introduction to Content Marketing.

Click on “Introduction to Content Marketing” to read about content marketing generally.

According to Google Trends, People show more interest in content marketing since January 2011, but don’t you think why?

With effective content marketing strategies, you will surely succeed in your business.

But first, let me answer the question of the new online marketer.

What is a Content Marketing Strategy?

I will tell you the meaning of content marketing strategy, but before that let’s play around.

Content Marketing Strategy is the combination of three different words.

I mean:

Content + Marketing + Strategy = Content Marketing Strategy

So let’s break them down.

Content – is the popularly known as blog posts, is known as any piece of media (Texts or videos) that can be found on the internet usually inform of texts.

Marketing – is the process of promoting a product or service. It is divided into two, which is Online Marketing and Offline Marketing.

Strategy – a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.

From there, you should know what Content marketing strategy means right?

Meaning of Content Marketing Strategy

Introduction to content marketing

Before the meaning of content marketing strategy, I noticed people misinterpret some terms which is Content Marketing Strategy and Content Strategy.

Though they are somehow the same with the physical look, Content marketing strategy is the smaller strategy in the big one which content strategy.

So that means knowing the content marketing strategy isn’t enough, you need to have the knowledge about content strategy.

Content strategy is the process of maintaining, planning, creating of contents, while Content Marketing strategy focuses on the discipline of content marketing.

But, i can say the misinterpretation by the people is also correct because, content marketing strategy can also be content strategy.

So for this reason, i will define content marketing strategy as:

A Content marketing strategy is a plan for building audience by creating contents that educates, help, inspire  the viewers and turn them a subscriber or fan of the blog.

When your content marketing strategy went well and you see the positive results, then we can conclude that you have a effective content marketing strategy.

Is content marketing strategy necessary for my business?

I run a small business myself (for example a personal blog), do I need a content marketing strategy?

Yes, but you only need small content marketing strategy which you can do yourself, so you don’t need much money before you can create a content marketing strategy.

I will teach you how to create a content marketing strategy also in this guide.

But remember content marketing strategy helps to will grow your business faster than you think.

And also remember this quote “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

So if your goal isn’t actually a wish, you need to plan it.

Here are some other reasons why you need a content marketing strategy for your business:

  • To reach your targeted audience.
  • To achieve your goals in short period of time.
  • To focus your time, save money and energy.

You will be curious to know how to create a content marketing strategy now right?

I will explain that to you now.

How can I create a content marketing strategy?

create a content marketing strategy

Creating content marketing strategy is the best thing for you, especially if you want your company’s aims and objectives to be achieved within a short period of time, LOL, who don’t want his/her business to grow faster?

So everybody needs to create a content marketing strategy.

Actually, you can’t use another person’s or company’s content marketing strategies, it is like copying another person’s plan, you need to create your own.

So now, before creating a content marketing strategy, you need to go through some things, those things will actually determine the content marketing strategy to use.

What are those things?

They are, namely;

  • Define your goals
  • What’s your budget?
  • Create content plan
  • Who are your targeted Audiences?

Define your goals

Why do you want to write contents? Why are your aims to develop a content marketing strategy?

Before creating a content marketing strategy, you need to have defined your goals.

Goals are so important in creating a content marketing strategy, and also in the normal life, when you know your goals, the next thing is to work towards it.

My goals for this blog (bluecabal) is to be the best blog that teaches people online marketing in the world, and also to make profits, that’s why ii create contents, so your company will surely have one also.

It is very certain that you need it in creating your content marketing strategy.

Goals will determine the online marketing strategy to use to make sure that you achieve your aims and objectives.

So you can get a paper and a pen, then list your goals so as to have effective content marketing plans

What’s your budget?

After defining your goals, the next thing is your budget.

Your budget really matters most in the business, are you kinda rich or don’t have much of the business?

Do you have money to buy paid traffic or using paid marketing strategies?

Or you’re like me who prefer to free traffic from search engines and other sources?

So your budget really matters most before choosing the content marketing strategy.

Create content plan

After defining your goals and also know your budget, the next is to create a content plan.

Are you the one who will write contents or hire writers?

Make sure you’re a good writer or you hire professionals like me.

How often will you write contents?

How many contents will you write every day and how many words?

You should be able to answer those questions before you can create a content marketing plan.

Who are your targeted Audiences?

You may want to target audience from big countries, it is possible.

Which type of people really need your contents?

Is your contents beneficiary for a country only?

Is your targeted audience from Nigeria or America?

That also matters before choosing a content marketing strategy.

So after defining your goals, knowing your budget, choosing a content plan, and also knowing your targeted audience, the next is how you will create the content marketing plan.

Now, I will explain to you how you can do that.

Here is my goal, budget, content plan and audience for the content marketing strategy:

Goal: Make $1000 per month

Budget: $100

Content Plan: A content with more than 2000words per day.

Audience: All countries.

So the details, I will make content marketing strategy which will make me achieve my goal within the time.

The content marketing strategy goes thus:

First thing is that I need to calculate the amount of money to be making per day, which is $1000/30 = $34, so to achieve my goal, I need to make $34 per day. So you need to choose the perfect way to make money from the contents, so I preferred to use affiliate programs which a sale worths $30.

The next thing is that how can I make $34 per day? how many contents will I write to make that per day? how many traffic do I need and how will I get it?

To get that you will calculate how many traffic will make you $34 per day, so from there you will multiply the number of contents by 30.

With an affiliate program, you can create only one content (very long) that will encourage viewers to buy the product, so assuming with 100traffic you will surely get a sale per day ($30).

So you need to find ways to get 100traffic per day so that you can achieve your goals to make $1000 per month, so how can I get 100traffic per day?

Though it is depending on your budget, so my budget is $100 to get 100traffic per day, so what do i do to make that?

Here are some tips that you can use to get 100traffic per day when you have budgets:


SEM is acronym for Search Engines Marketing, It is the category of online marketing which involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages primarily through paid advertising.

So from your budgets, you pay for search engines marketing, so from there you will have traffic from search engines.

Your blog will appear as paid results on the search engines, it is gonna bring ad at the front, that indicates it is paid result.

The person/company paid for it before it appears on the search engines.

Every search engines have it marketing programs which have been designed for SEM.


SMM is an acronyms for Social media marketing, it is the process of promoting a product or service using the social media networks platforms.

You can use SMM to promote your contents, which will actually make you 100traffic per day, you can run ads on Facebook, which will reach many people, so out of those people, you will get 100traffic per day.

Click on “Create Facebook ads” to get started with Facebook Advertising.

How to work towards your content marketing strategy?

You need to work towards what you’ve planned so that you can have your goals achieved within a short period of time.

I assumed you have your content marketing strategies, so how can you work towards it so that all your goals can be achieved faster than your competitor.

Here are some tips you can use:

Read the mind of Your Customers/Viewers

Your customers is the main point in your content marketing strategy, they are the one who will read, share, comment on your contents, without them you can’t make any profit.

You need to understand your customers/viewers, you need to know what they want and what they don’t want.

You can guest or do things yourself, you are doing it for customers, so you need to ask from them before you take any decision.

You can create a poll on the website for your viewers so that they can speak their mind.

Your content matters most

So, you know what your customers want and what they don’t want right, the next thing is to create contents that beats your competitor’s own so that you can impress your customers.

It is when you impressed your customers that they will comment, buying a product you recommend or share your contents, so the content matters most also.

Check results to know your weaken points

You need to check results of your content marketing strategies so that you can know your weaken point, so you can fix that.

Google Analytics is the best tool to use, with the tool you can know where your customers/viewers are coming from, so if it is through Search engines, and you’re not getting from social media, then you should check the reason and fix it.

Or if you’re having low bounce rate, then the reason maybe because your contents aren’t good enough or too short, so you will work on that also.

Conclusion on What is a content marketing strategy?

I hope you really have little knowledge about content marketing strategy now?

Can you create a content marketing strategy now?

Having any questions?

Leave it in the comment box, I will reply.

Do share!


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