Ubersuggest Review: How to use the Best Free Keyword Research Tool

how to use ubersuggest for keyword research

Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool that every blogger and marketer should use. It is even the best free keyword research tool from my research.

Many bloggers, especially new bloggers cannot afford premium keywords research tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Moz (they are very cost). But Ubersuggest is the best free alternatives to the premium keyword research tools.

So without any doubt; it is a must-have tool for every blogger especially new ones who didn’t have enough budget to buy premium keyword research tools.

Keyword research is very important in SEO. Nowadays there are many blogs on search engines so everyone is aiming to get rank on the first page to get traffic so there is competition.

But with keyword research, you will be able to figure out the keywords that are less competitive so you will be able to rank for it within little time and less effort.

Since Ubersuggest is a free tool used for keyword research so we can say the tool will get you more traffic because it will help you to find low competition keywords that you can rank for within a little period of time.

In this content, I will tell you more about Ubersuggest so I am making a quick review of the tool.

I will also tell you how to use Ubersuggest for proper keyword research and also make a quick comparison with Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush, KWfinder, and Longtailpro.

Have made mention of this tool before in my guide on how to do keyword research for free.

Ubersuggest Review: What’s Ubersuggest?

Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool by Neil Patel.

neil patel
Neil Patel

Neil Patel is my competitor and also my role model when it comes to internet marketing.

More about Neil Patel from his blog’s sidebar:

He is the co-founder of Neil Patel Digital. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web, Forbes says he is one of the top 10 marketers, and Entrepreneur Magazine says he created one of the 100 most brilliant companies. Neil is a New York Times bestselling author and was recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 30 by President Obama and a top 100 entrepreneur under the age of 35 by the United Nations.

Neil Patel made it simple for new bloggers, he acquired Ubersuggest with thousands of dollars because formally the tool is hosted on ubersuggest.io but now, it is hosted on Neil Patel’s blog which shows he purchased it.

I really love Neil’s idea i.e creating free keyword research tools. He discusses SEO on his blog so Ubersuggest has been a very great tool for his users.

Neil proofs everybody wrong; If I am a professional blogger just like him and with many followers and search engine traffic, then I will make the tool premium because I will make more money from it. But he didn’t.

Probably, he has future plans for the tool.

Now, let’s discuss the features of the great tool by a great person.

Features of Ubersuggest

There are many free tools like keywords like but what really made the keyword research tool the best free keyword research tools is the amazing features and the designs.

Here are the major features of Ubersuggest free keyword research tool:

  1. Keyword overview.
  2. Keyword Ideas/Suggestion.
  3. SERP Analysis.

Oops, you don’t understand the features?

Let me break them down.

1. Keyword Overview

ubersuggest keyword overview features
Keyword Overview

At glance (when you search for a keyword) on Ubersuggest, you will get the keyword overview which will show all these:

  • Search Volume: Traffic coming to the keyword
  • CPC: Cost per click.
  • SEO Competition: Either Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard etc.
  • Paid Difficulty: Pay-per-click competition.

2. Keyword Suggestions/Ideas

ubersuggest keyword ideas features
Keyword Ideas

Do you need more long tail keywords from the main keywords?

Ubersuggest will give you the list of the keywords related to the keyword or phrase you searched for free.

It also has many options like export all features, which enables you to export all the keyword suggestions and download into your computer.

3. SERPs Analysis

Ubersuggest serp analysis features
SERP Analysis

Ubersuggest made it possible to check the websites ranking for a keyword with the root domain name, the estimate visit and social shares to the post ranking for the keyword.

What this really means is that; if you want to rank for the kind of keywords then you have to get more social media shares and also drive traffic to the post.

Let’s assumed the first person ranking is having 1000 estimate visits, and 100 social media shares so to rank higher than him, you will need 1500 estimate visits and 200 social shares.

Ubersuggest made it possible, thanks to Neil Patel.

Why I use and Recommend Ubersuggest?

Whenever other bloggers ask me; which keyword research tools are you using?

I give them this respond; Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest.

They keep wondering because they expect me to have premium keyword research tools like Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush etc.

So why am I using and recommend the great tool?

Here are the major reasons why I use and recommend Ubersuggest:

  1. It is free: I keep the money to be spent on getting premium keyword research tools inside savings. Ubersuggest already did it for free so why paying?
  2. It is easy to use: The first time of using Ubersuggest is very cool though it doesn’t have many features then now it has been updated with many features so it is easier to use.
  3. It contains no ads: Are you tired of using free products because of ads? There are no ads where the tool is hosted i.e on Neil Patel’s blog.


That’s the reasons why I use and recommend the tools for you also.

Now, you’ve known more about the tool i.e. the meaning, the features, the owner and lot more.

The next thing is how to use Ubersuggest properly for keyword research.

How to use Ubersuggest for keyword research

You need to concentrate more in this section because this is where I will discuss on how to use the tool.

Follow all these steps to use Ubersuggest for keyword research:

Step 1: Go to Ubersuggest (neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/).

Step 2: Enter your keyword (either main, middle or long tail keyword), choose a language from the dropdown menu, then click on the search box.

how to use ubersuggest for keyword research

Step 3: So you will have the keyword overview which will tell you the search volume, competition, CPC etc.

keyword overview
Keyword overview

To check for more keyword ideas, scroll down.

Keyword Ideas
Keyword ideas

To check SERP Analysis (those ranking already with social shares – get more social shares than them to rank higher).

SERP Analysis
SERP Analysis

That’s how to do keyword research with the tool.

You will keep replacing with new keywords and you will surely get the Analysis.

FAQ about Ubersuggest

I know you will be having some questions to ask about this great tools, so I will ask the possible questions with the best answer.

Here are the FAQ questions:

  • Will Ubersuggest be free forever?

Neil Patel is the best person to answer this question.

Presently the tool is free, so I can’t say after some time; he may change to premium.

But here is my own thinking:

He will not make it premium fully, rather he will add advance features to the premium version.

So we should still be expecting the free version after some time also.

  • Is Ubersuggest Analysis correct?

Yes, the tool analysis is correct; It is gotten from the google keyword planner but the search volume isn’t really accurate because it takes little time to update the analysis.

Reviewing Ubersuggest with other keyword research tools

Now, I want to make a quick review of this tool and other keyword research tools.

Here is the list of the keyword research tools to be reviewed with Ubersuggest:

  1. Ahrefs.
  2. Moz.
  3. SEMrush.
  4. Kwfinder.
  5. Longtailpro.

So let’s get started:

1. Ahrefs

ahrefs logo
Ahrefs logo

Ahrefs is the best premium keyword research tools according to my findings and usage ( I only tried the free trial).

What really made Ahrefs the best is because of the unlimited features; You can use for keyword research, spy backlinks of your competitors, check competitor’s ranking etc.

Actually, Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool and not like Ahrefs which is not only used for keyword research but other things also.

Get the fact right – Ahrefs is a premium tool, so it will be always good than the free version so Ahrefs keyword research tool is better than Ubersuggest.

But when with proper insight, they perform the same functions i.e keyword researching but they have more features than each other, so if you really mind about the features then Ahrefs is the best option and if not, then you can give Ubersuggest a trial.

The pricing

Ubersuggest is free while Ahrefs has a starting plan with $99 per month.

2. Moz

moz logo
Moz logo

Moz is the second best premium keyword research tools according to my findings but unfortunately, I haven’t try Moz. I only use their link explorer most times.

But I will tell you the best from the research have made.

Moz is a big company that is very popular because of their amazing software/tools especially the link explorer that shows the Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA). They have many guides about SEO, content marketing, etc.

What I can say about Ubersuggest VS Moz is that; Moz has many features than Ubersuggest just like Ahrefs also. So if you don’t mind about features then go for Ubersuggest, if you mind then go for Moz.

The pricing

This is the major benefit of the great tool because it is free while Moz is paid with a starting plan of $99 per month.

3. SEMrsh

semrush logo
SEMrush logo

Ahrefs, Moz and SEMrush are the three giant premium tools.

SEMrush is the third best premium keyword research tools, though I haven’t use the premium version, I use the basic free features like checking domain analytics by going to semrush.com/info/website URL.

What I can say about this also is the features, SEMrush has features than Ubersuggest so if you don’t mind about the features then go for Ubersuggest but if you mind about the features then SEMrush is a great option.

The pricing

Ubersuggest is Free while SEMrush is paid (though it has free version it is limited) with a starting plan of $99.95 per month.

4. Kwfinder

Kwfinder logo
Kwfinder logo

I was amazed by the new features of the tool (Neil Patel updated recently) which made it look like Kwfinder.

Kwfinder is also a very good keyword research tools though it is paid because it has more features. It also has features like Ubersuggest like Keyword Research and SERP Analysis but has slight features which made it more superior than Ubersuggest and I am very sure that within little time the tool should get similar features also.

The pricing

It is Free while Kwfinder is paid with a starting plan of $29.00 per month.

Kwfinder is cheaper than Ahrefs, Moz, SEMrush so it is a great option if you’re looking for cheap premium keyword research tools.

5. Longtailpro

Longtailpro logo
Longtailpro logo

Longtailpro is another premium keyword research tool that is also good, it is a competitor to KWfinder. They have almost the same features.

Ubersuggest and Longtailpro are also having the same features but there are only a few things that distinguish them.

The pricing

The tool is free while Longtailpro is paid with a starting plan of $25 per month ($37 per dollar is the regular price).

Start Using the tool now!!!

Ubersuggest is a free tool for keyword research, It has no limit so you can find unlimited keywords as you like at any time.

A great kudos to Neil Patel, he made the tool free for the bloggers and marketers.

As have said earlier, other bloggers may make Ubersuggest be a premium tool (at least $10 – $20 per month) because of the features especially the SEO competition features.

SEO Competition features made me love the tools; it shows if the keyword is easy, medium, hard, very hard etc.

Doubtlessly, Ubersuggest deserve it name i.e. the best free keyword research tool.

I hope you have a nice time reading this review?

Ubersuggest is a must have tools, add it to your list now!

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