Type WordPress Theme – One of the Best Free Theme You Should Use

type wordpress theme

In this content, I will tell you more about the Type WordPress theme. I mean the features and some other things you need to know about the theme.

Type WordPress theme is among the top best free theme on the internet (though, it is not really popular). Most of the new bloggers (who have low budgets) go for a free theme at first and later buy a premium theme. So type WordPress theme is what you should go for.

If you’re looking for a professionally coded WordPress theme that is SEO and mobile friendly, then type WordPress theme without doubts is what you should go for. It is free, simple and lightweight.

Type WordPress theme

type wordpress the

Type is a WordPress theme (but a free WordPress theme) by Designlabthemes. It is free though, it has its premium version which has more features than the free version, I am going to tell you more about the paid version also.

It is a very good theme you should try on your blog, it is suitable for Magazine blogs, personal blogs, and news blogs, you can use for different niches.

So, let’s discuss the features, pricing, and some other things about type WordPress themes.


The theme is having many features as have said. So I will discuss the major features of the theme which made it one of the best free themes you should use.

  1. Responsive Designs: The theme is responsive on all mobiles, tablets, desktop and laptop. Everything look fit which makes it look good and attractive.
  2. Good font: The font is normal (not too big or small), it is black and very bold so readers can read without zooming or be complaining about the fonts.
  3. Browser compatibility: It is compatible with any type of browser, so if your visitor makes use of any browser, the fonts and every other thing are normal. You should understand.
  4. SEO Optimized: The theme is search engines friendly, and that will help in ranking on search engines. It is well built with schema structured data which will present your content to the search engines so they will crawl and index faster.
  5. Quick Updates: The developer didn’t ignore because it is free themes, he updates the theme regularly and makes sure it is compatible with the new WordPress versions.
  6. Custom Colour: You can also change the colours to your desired ones. The link colours, the social media buttons colour and lot more.
  7. Online Shop: Type supports woocommerce plugin, so you can create an online shop with this free themes. You can even show the shop icon in the menu.


Type WordPress theme is free, you don’t have to pay before you start using it. You can get it directly from either the theme developer or WordPress¬†themes directory.

Though, type WordPress theme is having it premium version which is typeplus. Typeplus as the paid version of type WordPress theme has many features than type i.e the basic functions that you will need like removing the credit. Don’t worry, I will discuss more that.

Typeplus costs $28, which after paying you will receive one-year updates and support and can be used on unlimited websites, you can check from the sales page.

Type WordPress theme Demo

Getting the demo is simple. When you check from WordPress theme directory, you will not have the best view compared to checking from the main website.

Click here to preview the theme.

Typeplus WordPress theme demo

This is the premium version of type WordPress theme, it cannot be found in the WordPress theme directory. The demo has been uploaded to the theme provider’s website.

Click here to preview typeplusWordPresss theme.

How to Install Type WordPress theme

To install the theme on your blog is very simple.

Follow all these steps to install type WordPress theme on your blog;

Step 1: Login to your WordPress dashboard, from the sidebar, place your cursor on appearance, then you will click on themes, then you will click on add new.

adding type wordpress theme

Step 2: You need to search for the name of the theme, so enter “type” into the search box, wait for some time while it load. So place your cursor on it, then click on install, then activate.

download type wordpress theme

Just in case you want to make use of the theme offline.

Just follow this;

Go to WordPress theme directory, search “type”, place the cursor on it, then you will see the download button.

Type VS Type plus

Type is the free version, while type plus is the paid version. They have the same features though, but the type plus is having some things which made it superior to type.

So what are the reasons why you should get type plus?

The major reasons are;

  1. To remove the footer credit: Type plus can remove the footer credit (theme by designlabthemes).
  2. Full customization: You can choose the style for your blog posts, customize the posts, pages and others.
  3. Add more Google fonts: You can also add other google fonts for headings, paragraphs, and post title in ease.
  4. Add the premium widgets: Some widgets like social media buttons are inbuilt in type plus, so you can add on the sidebar or footer.
  5. Blog layouts: You can choose if you want either right sidebar, left sidebar or full width (no sidebar).
  6. Page templates: There are inbuilt page templates for the magazine, e-commerce or personal blog already.
  7. Slider: This made the plugin attractive, you can make all your contents to slide after one another.
  8. Featured posts: You can show your posts in unique styles with the featured post features in typeplus.

How to buy typeplus WordPress theme

I use typeplus on this blog, it is a very good theme you should purchase as it is cheap with great feature.

Buying type WordPress theme is simple, but the issue is with the payment. The theme provider only accept paypal as the payment method. So if you’re having paypal, then you’re eligbile to buy the theme.

Follow all these steps to buy typeplus WordPress theme;

Step 1: Go to the sales page, click on buy now.

Buying typeplus wordpress theme

Step 2: Then, you will be redirected to the checkout section, sign up with your name and email, then click purchase now, then you will be redirected to PayPal to make your payment.

purchasing typeplus wordpress theme

Wait for sometime, they will mail you about the payment you’ve made and guide you on how to download and upload the themes.


Type WordPress theme should be what bloggers use on their blog. It is very simple and I love that. Many bloggers are out there looking for the best free theme they can use for their blog.

This theme (type WordPress theme) can be used for any kind of blogs, you can share this content with him so that he can also be aware of the great free WordPress theme.

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2 Replies to “Type WordPress Theme – One of the Best Free Theme You Should Use

  1. Hello,
    I am trying to use Type theme now. I have tried tweaking the css for a while, and I can’t make the articles fit correctly on mobile. When I view your site on mobile, your articles fit the full width of the mobile screen. However, on mine, the articles do not stretch across the screens full width. There’s too much space on the left and right in my articles. Do you know how I can fix this? You said that Type looks good on mobile automatically, but I don’t think that’s the case because your Type website, and another person’s Type website both fit the mobile screen properly, but mine does not. So, there must have been something that you did to make it look better on mobile? Can you possibly share what you did please? Like the custom css. Thank you

  2. Hello Melody,

    I am so glad you are here.

    It seems you have an issue with plugins especially caching plugins so that disabled some CSS codes.

    And also, I am using the premium version of type wordpress theme so I don’t have any issues and can customise to my taste Incase you see some features.

    If you are still encountering any problems after getting uninstalling your caching plugins or you disabled caching CSS options, let me know, I will be here for you.

    Have a nice time!

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