12 Ways to Speed Up Blogger Platform Blog Within a Day by 20%

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Speeding up your blogger blog is what you should be thinking of doing because of many reasons, especially to reduce your bounce rate and improve your rankings on search engines. So let’s go learn how to speed up blogger blog.

Increasing your blogger blog speed is so vital especially these days, people are so eager to get their problem solved, so your blog should load faster (let’s say within a minute), anything after that, some people will click the exit button and leave their website.

What i noticed is that people don’t write about how to make blogger blogs loads faster, rather they write only about WordPress.

So let’s get started.

Note: This guide is for speeding up blogs hosted on blogger platform , Click on “Speed up WordPress blog” to check that of WordPress also.

How to Speed Up Blogger Blog

how to speed up blogger blog

Speeding up your blogger blog is what you should be thinking of if you want to improve your rankings on the search engines. Search engines like Google rank blogs that load fast.

There are many ways to speed up blogger blogs, I will share you those ways that will be effective and they will reduce your blogger blog loading speed.

Here are the 12 ways to speed up blogger blog:

1. Avoid too many javascript

Javascript is what really keeps the webpage loading, so you shouldn’t use too much javascript. Some widgets like Recent posts with images that some people displayed on their blogger blog contains javascript.

You can also optimize javascript files by adding a tag, so that will make the javascript load faster. Now, let’s discuss on how to optimize javascript files.

How to optimize javascript files

Optimizing javascript files is simple. Follow all of these steps to optimize javascript files;

Step 1: You need to locate the script.

<script src="LOCATION OF THE SCRIPT FILE" type="text/javascript"></script>

Step 2: Then add “Async” to the end of the file before “>”.

<script src="LOCATION OF THE SCRIPT FILE" type="text/javascript" async></script>

Then you should save it. You’ve successfully optimized your javascript files.

2. Compress HTML ,CSS and Javascript.

Blogger templates contain both HTML and CSS, so the codes will be too much so that will also take time before it loads. A great kudos to our developers, they have made a software which you can use to compress HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Compressing is free, you only need to follow some steps.

How to compress HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Compressing HTML, CSS and Javascript is simple.

Follow all these steps to compress HTML, CSS and Javascript:

Step 1: Go to Compressor. Then you will see space to upload a file, so you will upload your template in an XML file (your template).

Compress HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Step 2: After uploading, click on “Compress”. So it will compress, then you will download the compressed version, so you can upload to your blog back.

Compress button

You’ve successfully compressed HTML, CSS and Javascript.

3. Reduce the number of posts on the Homepage

The number of posts on your homepage will also determine the load time of your blogger blog, so you should not display many posts on the homepage. On my blog here I set to display 3 posts on my homepage, and the strategy worked. My blog loads very fast now.

The next thing is that how to set the number of posts.

How to set the number of posts on blogger

You can set the number of posts to be shown on the homepage, it is easy to set this.

Follow all these steps to set the number of posts on blogger;

Step 1: Login to your Blogger Dashboard, Go to settings, then goto posts, comment and sharing from the settings.

posting, comment and sharing options

Step 2: Then you type in the number of posts then click on save settings

setting number of posts

You’ve successfully changed the number of posts so you have released speed.

4. Compress Images

Images are what really keep the website load slower sometimes because it has to redirect to the image source. That’s the main reason why some people make use of CDN (Content Delivery Network) where they will host their Images so that their website can load faster. That’s for big websites who use lots of images, videos hosted on their blog.

But for blogger blog, you can compress your images before uploading to your website. Let’s discuss on how to do that.

How to compress images

Compressing images is simple, and it is free. You only have to follow steps.

Follow all these steps to compress images:

Step 1: Go to Tinyjpg, click on the “drop your .png or .jpg”.

compressing image with tinyjpg

Step 2: Then, you will insert the image you want to compress, then it will insert and compress it, Then you will see the “download” button.

Downloading compressed images from tinyjpg

You’ve successfully compressed your images, so you can upload to your blogger blog now.

5. Avoid too many Ads

too many ads

Some bloggers think that the more ads they display, the more they earn. But it is not like that, the traffic matters most. Ads contain javascript, and as have said Javascript makes the website loads faster.

With my insight and experience with Adsense, Placing ads before, centre and after the content is the best. You can also put in Sidebar.

6. Don’t use a Background image

background image

This is one of those things that made the website slow. Background images will load before other components like posts, logos loads. So if you’re using a background image you should remove.

The background colour is still better than the background image because it won’t load.

7. Use fast loading blogger templates

blogger templates

Blogger templates take vital roles in speeding up your blogger blog, the template should be well coded (not containing too many codes). Don’t go for templates with a lot of designs and sliders. Keep it simple.

Here is the list of website where you can get fast loading blogger templates;

  1. soratemplates
  2. gooyaabitemplates.
  3. Msdesignbd

You can get a template from there. They have both Free and Paid.

8. Reduce the number of Widgets


I don’t really like using a lot of widgets, they make the website slow. Most of the widgets contain codes so they also increase the number of code of the website so it makes it slower.

Some bloggers even remove sidebar and footer from their blog, and because of that their website speed was improved.

Here is the list of widgets that you should use:

  1. Search Box.
  2. Recent posts Widget.
  3. Subscription Widget.
  4. Social Media Widgets.
  5. Ads (this is not compulsory).

9. Don’t use Custom Fonts

custom fonts

Whenever you want to choose a theme, check the fonts also because using custom fonts will make the website load slower (though, if you’re a developer you can remove the default font and use custom fonts).

The blogger templates from the list of website that I gave to you, have good fonts, I mean legible and beautiful. So you can choose any from there.

10. Use Read More Buttons

This is also known as Excerpt. It is the button people click to continue reading the content.

It is not advisable to show all the text of the content in the homepage, you will show only a little, then a button will be placed (like read more or continue reading) and when people click, they will be redirected to the page to read the whole posts.

The blogger templates recommended for you have all these features, I mean they have read more buttons.

11. Remove Sidebar


The sidebar is the part of a blog that contains widgets. Removing the sidebar will release surely release more speed because the widgets that are placed on the sidebar have codes (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

And also, the sidebar is also having its own code (especially sticky sidebar make use of JQuery), so removing complete will reduce the number of codes.

To get blogger templates without sidebar is simple, all you need to do is to go to Google.com, then type in the keyword “Blogger templates without sidebar”, you will see many as possible.

12. Remove Footer


The footer is also among the part of a blog, it is located at the bottom of the blog. It also usually contains some widgets, so removing will also release some speed.

Though sidebar usually contains important things about the blog i.e about and the menu. But nowadays there are many templates, everything can be placed in the copyright section.

You only need to remove footer, not the copyright text (like Copyright 2018).

Before you go

Speeding up blogs is actually a skill because people charge professionals to do it for them, but you’ve known how to speed up blogger blog yourself.

I hope all my methods are simple and effective?

Your blog should load under a minute after doing all these.

I have also written a similar content like this, click on “how to improve site speed” to read about it.

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