Introduction to Content Marketing: Basic Guide For Beginners

Introduction to content marketing

Do you want to be a content marketer? Yup! You’re in the right place, here is the¬†Introduction to Content Marketing for beginners like you.

I smell you’re a blogger?

Is that true?

You’re also welcome here if yes.

You do visit popular blogs, right?

Do you observe this?

Most times, their contents get more than 1,000shares on social media platforms, get more than 5,000 readers per month, more than 50comments on each post.

That’s crazy, right?

Is it magic?


That’s the result of effective content marketing, you can also have the same, it takes much time and also hardworking.

Content marketing is really crucial when it comes to many aspects of blogging and also in some categories of Online Marketing like SEO.

In SEO, before you can rank on the search engines, you need an epic content that is better than your competitor so as to rank for the particular keyword.

In Content Marketing, you’re going to learn something.

What and what?

You will learn all these, namely:

  • How to create epic contents for effective content marketing.
  • How to target audience from a country who will read the contents.

And lot more.

So now, let’s proceed to the content marketing as a topic.

Content Marketing as a topic

a woman texting

Content marketing has been on the internet for a very long time, even you are doing content marketing but you don’t know.

Do you share your contents after posting it?

Yes, then you’re doing content marketing.

Content marketing is cloned from the combination of two words.

I mean:

Content + Marketing = Content Marketing

Content is the popularly known as blog posts, is known as any piece of media (Texts or videos) that can be found on the internet usually inform of texts.

Contents can be found on blogs, infographics, banners, Animation, eBooks, and also videos.

Marketing is the process of promoting a product or service. It is divided into two, which is Online Marketing and Offline Marketing.

Content marketing is among the Categories of Online Marketing.

I hope it’s clear now?

Let me go in-depth with content marketing and other things about it.

What is Content Marketing?

According to Wikipedia, Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing, and distributing content for a targeted audience online.

In a short definition, Content marketing is the process of creating, publishing and promoting content to reach more people or targetted audience.

Maybe you want people in the UK to read contents, with content marketing, it is so possible.

Content marketing is really crucial if you want to succeed in your online marketing, especially if you are running a blog.

It drives tons of people who read your contents, share your contents, buy your products and also tell more people about you.

There is something called content marketing approaches, I will discuss that with you in this guide also.

But before that, l will discuss the reasons why you need to do content marketing.

Why content marketing matters

Can you just imagine that if I don’t do content marketing, what will happen?

Nothing bad will happen but what surely happen is that your contents will not have audiences who will read them.

Here are some reasons why you need to do content marketing, namely;

  • To get more people reading your contents.
  • To target readers.
  • To make the contents go viral on the internet.
  • To improve the rankings of the contents on search engines, when search engines noticed that a content is getting more traffic, they believe people really love it, so they rank higher and higher.
  • To make more profits.

That’s not all when doing the content marketing, I am definitely sure that you will have another reason why you should do it.

Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing strategies

A Content marketing strategy is a plan for building an audience by creating contents that educate, help, inspire the viewers and turn them a subscriber or fan of the blog.

Many people create many plans for their business.

Here is the list of some content marketing strategy:


  • Doing search engines optimization for their website
  • Doing Email Outreach
  • Sharing contents on social media and forums
  • Advertising on search engines.
  • Submitting guest post


You can create your own content marketing strategy also.

Click on “What is content marketing strategy” to read more about content marketing strategy entirely.

So how can I get started with content marketing?

What do I really need to start content marketing?

I will explain that now.

How can I get started with content marketing?

Yup! before you get started with content marketing, you need to have many things ready, I told you content marketing involves creating contents and marketing it.

You only need one thing to do before you get started with content marketing.

What’s that?

Build a brand

build a brand

A Brand can be a website or a blog, you need a brand for content marketing.

It is on your blog or website that you create contents on, it is on the website that you do the search engines optimization and other content marketing strategies.

Before building your brand, You need to be more specific, I mean you need to have the reason for the brand so that will direct the topics that your contents will cover.

For example, my company’s aim is to teach people online Marketing, so my contents will always cover online marketing.

How can I build a brand?

Building a brand is like buying a land and building a house, but it isn’t expensive as building a house.

To build a brand, you need to follow all some steps.

The steps are, namely;

  1. Choose and buy a domain name.
  2. Choose a business website builder.
  3. Choose the most suitable template.
  4. Create some important pages.
  5. Create a professional email address.

I have a complete guide that tells more about those steps.

Click on “Create a website” to read more.

Conclusion on Introduction to Content Marketing

Content marketing seems cool, right?

That’s it, it is very simple and effective when you do it.

I hope you really learn more from this guide?

Do you have some things to say about content marketing now?

It remains one thing that I forget to tell you, In content marketing, avoid spamming.

Don’t share posts on forums twice and also do things smartly, and read policies before posting in a forum.

Happy content marketing!

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