How to Write Quality Contents that Will Rank and Go Viral

how to create creative contents

Quality contents are contents that people want i.e your visitors. They need contents that will help them, With this content, I will teach you how to write quality contents that will rank and go viral.

You visit my blog(bluecabal), you see many quality contents that is very interesting and long right?

Yes, I write them myself without any writer or any contributor, and I am very sure you really love them?

It’s not a magic, I will teach you how you can also do the same on your blog also because quality contents are what people want.

Contents, without any doubt, is the most important thing on a blog, without contents a blog is nothing, it is the contents that you monetize, so from the content, you will make profits.

So the more quality contents, the more you earn(if you’re wise).

Though, some people hire content writers to write on their blog, is that good?


If you’re the type that is always busy but wants to run your blog/website, or even you can’t write quality contents, then the best is to hire pro writers who will provide you quality contents which will go viral and rank on search engines.

If your business needs to write contents, as a new business owner, I won’t advise you to go for hiring content writers because you will spend a lot, but I will strongly recommend this guide for you(it is easy to write contents).

I will teach you how to write quality contents as I do on my blog, but before that my post title is somehow too big for some people, the word “Quality Content” doesn’t looks familiar right?

It is a term in content marketing so I think before anything, I need to tell you more about it.

Yes, I need to.

So, let’s see what quality content actually means.

What is a Quality Content

Quality content can be an article, an image or a video that spreads rapidly online through website links and social sharing.

So automatically, a quality content will surely get traffic, because it is been spread rapidly on the internet, it will reach some other people who will find it helpful.

It is the quality content that is needed for online marketing, so as to drive new visitors to the website so from there you will get more profits in your business.

Quality contents have these characteristics:

  1. Long length.
  2. Unique.
  3. Well written, contain headings, boldface, italics, and links to other resources.
  4. More explanatory.
  5. Contains images, infographics, video.

So why do I need to take my time to write viral contents?

Why do I need to write quality contents

It is so easy to copy from another blog, so why should I do that?

It will take much time, researchers to write quality contents, why am I doing it?

They type of content has said the reason why should write itself, but you don’t know.

From the definition, it spreads contents which can be videos, articles or images rapidly on the internet, so from that statement, many reasons are derived.

why you need to write creative contents are:

  1. To get more traffic.
  2. To rank on search engines – search engines love to rank quality contents than duplicate ones.
  3. To make more profits – I have said it earlier, more quality contents, more profits(if you’re wise).

That’s all I have for you now, though the reasons aren’t that necessary for you to know, it is how to write that should be your main focus.

How can I write quality contents?

Yes, you may want to write viral content for your blog and also for a client also, you will use the same way, I will teach you perfectly.

But before that, let me answer some questions you want to ask(I am a mind reader).

–  To write quality contents, is it free?

Uhm, the question is really confusing, but the answer is No and Yes.

Why No and Yes?

The reason is that a content that will go viral most contain unique things, unique things like Infographics, images and you need to hire people to help you with those unique things, so you will have to pay them.

But as a beginner, you can use free copyright images from Pixabay, it is the only image that you can copy, don’t copy texts.

To me when more than three sentences are appearing on your content and it is on another website, so it is either you copied or him copied because it is not possible for you guys to think the same way, so why will the sentences be the same.

What are the things to do before writing quality contents?

Before eating you have to wash your hands right?

so also before writing viral contents, you need to make sure things are in order.

It will be quite unfortunate that a blog with good contents isn’t well optimized for the user.

Imagine a blog still loading after a minute, when some are loading under a second.

Some things that need to be in order are:

  1. The theme is the cloth of the blog, make sure it looks neat. Here is a complete guide on how to create a website.
  2. The site speed matters most.
  3. Check Hosting capacity: can the hosting allow many people at a time, viral content will bring more people to the website, so check this to avoid the downfall of your website.
  4. Permalinks: Check if the URL that will link to the content is in the right position. Here is a guide on how to set permalinks on WordPress.
  5. Make sure the Comment Box is working: It sounds funny but it is really important, viewers may want to ask questions or thank you for the quality content so your comment box must be working.
  6. Check if social media sharing button is working, people may want to share to friends, it looks weird and so strange for a viewer to copy the link to the post, they will share through the sharing buttons.

Now, you have everything ready right, you will be anxiously waiting to know how to write viral content right?

Sure, when I want to learn also, was in hurry, to see the secret of how popular blogs write their unique contents that will go viral with a very good length, most times 5,000words.

I will also teach you how to make yours like that, because according to study of how to google rank websites, contents that appears on the first page have minimum of 1,000words, so if you really want your contents to rank on the first page, you need to make sure the length of your content ranges between 2000 – 3000words(I don’t mean you should copy other people’s own, I will teach you the steps so that you will be able to provide according to your desires).

So to write quality content, you need to follow some steps.

The steps are, namely;

  1. Choose a perfect topic to write about.
  2. Do keyword research on the topic.
  3. Choose a catchy post title.
  4. Do Research on the topic before writing.
  5. Make Outline.
  6. Go to each section made in outline and starting writing.
  7. Run Grammarly.
  8. Hunt for images.
  9. Read Again and check for errors.
  10. Publish.

Now, let me explain them to you in detail.

1. Choose a perfect topic to write about

The topic is the most important thing, it is the topic that determines the length of the contents, and will show how interesting the content will be.

As for me, when the content is all about news, I am not that good when writing news, so it is either it has low lengths or not interesting.

But if it is all about Online Marketing, then I will make it more super.

You will choose the perfect topic based on your niche, my niche is “Online Marketing” so I want to write about “Samsung s9” it looks so bad, you need to choose the one that suits your niche, so for my niche, I can choose “Online Marketing Strategy”.

So you can get a jotter, or open Microsoft word/notepad, and type the topic, in this tutorial I will be using “create a website” as the topic.

2. Do keyword research about the topic

Keyword research is checking the analysis of a keyword, what I mean by analysis of the keyword is the competition, A keyword can have either low or high competition.

When a keyword is having a low competition, you can rank for it easily without any links, which is so good for the new blogs, while A keyword having high competition isn’t easy to rank for without links, they usually have the high volumes.

How do I identify low competitive keywords?

Low competitive keywords are long tail keywords, that means that are usually in a sentence, not in a phrase, A good low competitive keyword contains more than 5 words.   Example of a keyword with low competition is “How can I make a new website for my business”, “How to make money from blogging per month” etc.

How do I identify high competitive keywords?

High competitive keywords are the main keyword, it is a phrase not in the sentence, it is usually below 3words. Example of keywords with high competition is “create a website”, “SEO”,  “SEO Guide” etc.

How do I do keyword research?

To do keyword research isn’t a big deal, but there are many tools online, that will surely turn you to a questionnaire, why?

It is because they contradict one another, what A will give you is different from what B will give you, so it causes confusion.

But I have the better way to do keyword research for free.

Though, the personal way I am currently using, which isn’t popular.

Follow all these steps to do keyword research for free.

The first thing I use to do is to look for low competitive keywords related to my topic, so after I will check the keyword difficulties.

So now, let’s get started with finding low competitive keywords

How do I find low competitive keywords?

I use Google keyword planner, you can also use it, let me tell you how to make use of it, follow all these steps to find low competitive keywords:

Step 1: Choose a topic (create a website).

Step 2: Create an Adword Account so that you can get access to the Google Keyword Planner. It’s free we only need google keyword planner. Let me teach you how to create an AdWords account free.

How can I create an AdWords account for free?

Adword is the program designed by Google for search engines marketing, Adword has a feature called Google Keyword Planner which you can use to do keyword research.

So follow all these steps to create one.

Step 1: Go to, you will need to sign in your Gmail account, but if done already, you will have something like this:

Google Adwords Homepage
Click on “Skip the guided setup”

Step 2: After clicking on Skip the guided setup, you will be redirected to the next page, it is simple, they only want to know more about you, so fill the forms.

Google Adwords Form
Click on “Save and Continue”

Step 3: After clicking on “Save and continue”, now you’re welcomed to Google Adwords Dashboard, so you have a Google Adwords Account now.

Google Adwords Dashboard
Google Adwords Dashboard

Now, you have an AdWords account, let’s continue with how to do keyword research.

Step 3: After the AdWords account, you need to login to your Google Adwords Dashboard, At the menu, you will see tools icon, so click on it, then you will see Google Keyword Planner, Click on it.

Google Keyword Planner
Click on “Keyword Planner”

Step 4: After Clicking on Keyword Planner, you will be redirected to a page, so the next is to type in your topic remember mine is create a website, so after then you click to get started.

Find keywords using google keyword planner
Click on “get started”

Step 5: After clicking on ‘get started” you will see the list of keywords for both low and high competitive keywords, you will be the one to recognize the low competitive keyword which we are looking for, low competitive keywords is usually in a sentence and contains more than 5 words, so you can find the one with low volume because low competitive keyword is always having low volume, so 10 – 100/month is the best search volume for a low competitive keyword, so my low competitive keyword is “how to make my own website” with 10 to 100volumes/month though from google keyword planner the competition is high, as for me I don’t trust the keyword competition/difficulties, I have a better way to check, I will teach you that also .

After finding the low competitive keyword, the next is to check the keyword difficulties/competition.

How do I check keyword difficulties/competition?

I use a very good way to check the keyword difficulties because that is the most important thing in keyword research, and also I don’t have either semrush, or kwfinder account for keyword research, I use this same method, so teaching you the method seems precious to me, so you’re really lucky to be here.

Here is the method I use to check keyword difficulties/competition:

Step 1: Download and Install Moz extension(Mozbar) for your browser, Click on Mozbar For Chrome to download if you are using Google Chrome, and if it is Mozilla Firefox, Click on  Mozbar For Firefox.

Mozbar Extension

Step 2: After doing that, go to, then type in your low competitive keyword, mine is how to make my own website, so I will search on google. Then it will bring results.

So please let me be a scientist for a moment.

Aim: To check if the low competitive keyword how to make my own website ‘s competition or difficulties.

Apparatus: The mozbar extension.

Method: Go to, type in the low competitive keyword, then hit on the search icon.

Observation: After searching the keyword, you will see many results, and those results will be showing something at the bottom in grey background, that’s Moz. The main reason for the moz is to check the DA and PA of the website.

So after searching, the first thing to check is that does your keyword appears in the result’s page title, page URL and meta description?

meta description illustration
Page Title, Page URL, Page Meta Description

From SEO World(On Page SEO), before you can rank for a keyword, it has to be in the page title, page URL and the meta description.

So if not, then the keyword is having low competition, you can go for it, since it doesn’t appear in the post title and meta description, that simply means that Google didn’t see any result for the keyword yet, so you’re very lucky.

But if the keyword you choose appears in the post title, page URL and meta description, the next thing you will do is to check the end of each result, there is a table that shows the DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) of each result, so if the DA and PA is more than 20, so forget about the keyword, it is having low competition, because it isn’t possible for you who have no DA and PA to outrank those having 20, but with on page SEO, you can at least outrank those with 20, by doing all that they don’t do.

What i really mean “by doing all that they don’t do” means you will go to the content, read it very well and check for errors that he made, and also if it is 1000words, if you really want to outrank him, the best is to write double which is 2000words, but if you really want effective result, the best is 3000words, Make sure it isn’t duplicate.

The DA and PA is a search engine ranking factor made by, the more DA and PA you have the more you rank. To get more DA and PA you need backlinks.

Now, we have the low competitive keyword with low keyword difficulties/competition, which is how to make my own website.

3. Choose a catchy post title

The catchy post title is really important, it is what the people will see the content, you must make sure it looks clean catchy so that people won’t hesitate to click as they see it.

A quality post with not catchy post title isn’t yet complete.

It is the keyword that will determine the post title to use, so my keyword is how to make my own website right?

Yes, it is, to me the keyword serves as a question, so there will be a question mark there and also something will come after the keyword.

So my post title can be how to make my own website? the missing elements you’ve never read or how to make my own website? A beginner asked.

I also love to use tools like Coshedule headline Analyser, it helps to analyse a post title, so it will rate it for you.

You can also check more headline analyser tools blogging wizard.

4. Do Research on the topic before writing

Researching the topic is so very good especially if you want your content to have more lengths, maybe 5,000words, you have the knowledge about it before with that you can write 2000words, so with researching you will surely make more than 3,000words.

How do I do research on a topic?

It is so simple, you can get either an eBook about the topic, but the best way to do thorough research is to go to Google, then you type in the topic (create a website), then you will check the contents, especially those ones on the first page.

You can steal ideas but don’t copy from them, so you can also check the content’s weaken point, so you will optimize the weak point so that you can outrank the website.

His content may not contain videos, and for the topic (create a website), you surely need more than two video tutorials, so you will add like 3, so Google will know that you really explain about the topic.

Remember, don’t do it too much, I don’t mean the video tutorial should be plenty than text, and also not that what you should type you should use video to do it.

Just make sure your content is the best for the particular topic, surely people will link to you so you will surely rank, it may take time though.

5. Make an Outline of the topic

Before building a house you need to make an outline, it is with the outline that you know the bedroom, sitting room and the kitchen right?

It is the same thing for the content, the content will have it outline, it is usually in 3 part (Introduction, Main Texts, and Conclusion).

Especially if you want your content to have more lengths, you need to make an outline, it will surely be of helpful.

I have used it for many times and it worked.

It saves time a lot, that’s why I make it when writing contents.

How do I create an outline?

Creating an outline isn’t that kinda difficult, said it before, it is like outline made when building a house.

Follow all these steps to create an outline:

Step 1: Open your post editor or Microsoft Word.

Step 2: You know the topic already right, so you can leave some space for the introduction, then you will type all that you want to teach people on that topic, break them into headings (h2 – h6) for main texts, so after then at then write a conclusion and put in heading 2.

This is a typical example of an outline of contents.

Click and zoom for better performance.

Content Outline
Content Outline

That’s all with the content outline, I hope you really understand?

The outline keeps the writing faster and simple.

6. Go to each section made in outline and starting writing.

After making the outline, the texts won’t write themselves, so you will go to each section, write all that you know and have researched about it.

You need to go to the introduction firstly, just make some good texts, make sure the keyword appears in the first paragraph, it is necessary.

I mean like this:

how to make my own website? It is not only you that you need answer to the question, many people also need.

So you can see the keyword appears there.

I personally from my introduction, I will have at least 500words.

So you will move to the main text.

I always use 30minutes on a section, what I mean by a section is this, from the screenshot on the content outline, I have what is a website right?

Yes, it is a section, so I will use 30minutes to write what is a website, differences between a blog and a website and also why do I need to create a website.

The section is 3, so 30 * 3, that means I will use 90minutes to write main text part and use 30 mins for introduction and conclusion part of the outline.

So all making 120mins, which is 2 hours, so can you see now that the outline is really helpful?

At least from the section, I will get 500words, so I have 3 sections.

So from the conclusion part, I will also get at least 500 words.

So introduction part + main text + conclusion is 500 + 500 * 3 + 500 = 2500words.

That’s so cool, but surely it will be more than that because each section will have more lengths than each other, so I just assumed.

7. Run Grammarly

Grammarly is the best tools you can use to check errors in your contents, it has its extension, software, and also the app for mobile.

You can also use the Grammarly for Microsoft word in case you are using that to write contents.

I am currently using its extension for my browser, click on get Grammarly extension for google chrome.

So after getting the Grammarly tool, sign up for the account, then you will get your grammatical errors found and also help you to solve them.

How do I use Grammarly?

click on get Grammarly extension for google chrome. Sign up and do some other things.

After signing up, just go to the post editor, you will see its icon (in colour green) at the right side, so that means it is active.

So when writing, when you have errors, Grammarly will underline the word, so you drag the mouse on it, then you will have the reason for the error and you will see the correct spelling or the correct word.

Or, you can even copy your texts and paste to free grammar checker, so you will correct the errors, then copy back then paste it into its place.

8. Hunt for images

It is so compulsory for your contents to have images, especially if you want to teach people a tutorial, you need screenshots to explain more better and also infographics.

You also need to use images for featured image of the content, because the featured image will show when the link is shared so you have to choose a very good image that is related to your topic.

Where can I get images for free?

There are many places where you can get royalty free images, some are;

Make sure you use ALT Attributes, it is very important for SEO because it tells search engines what the image contains.

Watch this video on how to add ALT Attributes to images on WordPress:

Hope that is helpful?

9. Read Again.

It is a good habit to read the content after writing finish, surely you will have mistakes there, though you are using Grammarly before right?

Yes, that’s true but Grammarly is a tool, not a human being, it is designed to check for errors, not to correct other things.

So you also need to read the content, I am very sure you will have one or two things to add.

10. Publish!


Now, you have your content created the next is to publish, choose a category for the post and also choose tags so after then publish.

What can I do to make my content go viral?

You just created a quality content so you need to make it a viral content, so how can I do that?

Here are some things:

  • Social Media Marketing: Share on social media platforms Like Facebook.
  • Blog Outreach: Tell other bloggers about your content so they can link to it.
  • Share on forums.
  • Search Engines Optimization.

Surely, the content will rank for the keyword if you really follow this guide. So you will get traffic from google search engines also.

I hope the tips are helpful?


Writing quality contents is what should be your aim and objectives as a blogger if you’re not having quality contents then you will have low traffic even not making a dime from your blog.

I don’t feel like stopping, it is very interesting and I know you will also love the tutorial.

Can you write quality contents that will go viral and rank now?


Thanks to me right?

I can’t hear or see you both what you can do is to share this content with friends, so from there, I will know it is helpful and you’re grateful.

Thanks for reading also.

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