How to purchase a domain name and how to set it up

Domain name is so important when it comes to blogging, it is compulsory for you to purchase a domain name. In this guide, you will learn “how to purchase a domain name“.

Some bloggers will demand a huge amount of money before they can help you to buy a domain name, that shouldn’t be like that, but anyway, with this guide, you can buy a domain name yourself.

You know I can’t just start teaching how to buy a domain name, you need to know more about what domain name really means.

Let’s quickly tell you more about a domain name.

What’s a domain name?

A domain name is what the people type into their browser to visit your website, in short, it is the name of your blog.

Actually, you need to make it simple so that people can remember it faster.

Domain name is divided into two types, which is:

  • Free domain name: These are the free domain names, you don’t have to pay for it before using them. It has a lot of disadvantages and hard to remember so it isn’t recommended. Examples of free domain names are,, and
  • Paid Domain name: This is commonly known as a Custom domain name. This is the most recommended. You have to pay before using it. Examples of the paid domain names are,, and

There is also something called domain extension.

Domain extensions are the words after the dot in a domain name, for example, my blog is, so my extension is .com.

There are many domain extensions in the world, but the commonest is .com.

I think you need to know this also:

  • .com can be used for blogs, companies, and website.
  • .net can also be used for blogs, companies, and website.
  • .org is mostly for organization.

That’s the commonest domain extension, others are for countries like, and others.

Why do I need a custom domain name?

Custom domain name isn’t free, but it is compulsory, so why did you think you need it?

Here are some reasons why you need to:

  1. To have a Professional blog: A professional website has a custom domain name, so if you’re not having one, then you’re not professional.
  2. For Monetization: The ways you can use to monetize your website needs a custom domain name especially Google Adsense.
  3. To show commitment to blogging: People believes that when you have a custom domain name you’re committed to blogging, without a custom domain, people will find it difficult to trust your website.

There are many reasons why you need to purchase a custom domain name, you will surely get to know them as soon as you started using it.


I use to brag about my domain name, I mean when they ask me this question: “What is your blog URL”?

My answer is “”, so assumed I don’t have a custom domain name, I can brag.

So you know what a domain name means now and also the reasons why you need to buy it right?

The next thing is how to purchase a domain name.

Let’s get started with that!

How to Purchase a domain name

Purchasing a domain name involved registering your domain name to ICANN.

I know some people are really curious to read this part, yes that’s good.

To purchase a domain name, you need to follow some steps, what are the steps?

They are, namely;

  1. Choose a perfect domain name.
  2. Choose the best domain name registrar.
  3. Purchase the custom domain name.
  4. Set up the domain name on your blog.
  5. Start telling people about your new domain name.

So now, let’s dive into each step.

I mean let me explain more further about each step.

Now, let’s go.

  1. How do I choose a perfect domain name?

Domain name can’t be changed after buying, I mean if you omit a letter like if you want to buy “”, so you typed “”, that can’t be changed.

You need to choose the perfect domain name, and be careful when typing the domain name to the domain name registrar.

What is domain name registrar?  I will tell you to tell you that later.

To choose a perfect domain name, I recommend checking this:

A perfect domain name has all these characteristics:

  1. It must simple and easy.
  2. It mustn’t be too long, as for me the maximum of 12words.
  3. It doesn’t contain numbers, for example,, it is wrong.
  4. It doesn’t contain hyphens, for example, blue-cabal, it is wrong.
  5.  it shouldn’t be a copyright term (i mean a company name). You can use google search.

So if your domain name has all the characteristics, then we can conclude it is a perfect domain name.

So now, I assumed you have chosen a perfect domain name, is that right?

if yes, then that’s good, let’s move to the next step.

  1. Choose the best domain name registrar

I mentioned domain name registrar earlier and promised to tell you about it, so I will discuss more it here.

A Domain name registrar is a website that registers domain names. There are many domain name registrar on the internet, but you need to choose only one.

I trust many domain name registrar, so out of those I trust, I have only two favourite domain name registrar, I mean they are just too good.

The most recommended domain name registrars are:

  1. Namecheap.
  2. Godaddy.

You know, let’s make a quick comparison between both domain name registrar.

  1. Namecheap

namecheap domain registrar

Namecheap is an ICANN-accredited registrar, which provide services on domain name registration and offer for sale domain names that are registered to third parties. It is also a web hosting company, based in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Price: You need $13 approximately to buy a domain name.
  • User ratings: 3.3ratings, you can check from webhostinggeeks.
  • Payment methods: PayPal, MasterCard/Visa, and Account Funds.
  1. Godaddy

godaddy domain registrar

Godaddy is an American publicly traded Internet domain registrar and web hosting company. As of May 2017, GoDaddy has approximately 17 million customers and over 6,000 employees worldwide.

  • Price: You need $15 approximately, but with the coupon code, you will get a domain name for $1.17 approximately for the first year.
  • User ratings: 1.8 ratings, you can check from webhostinggeeks.
  • Payment Methods: PayPal, MasterCard/Visa.

Hope you can choose the best domain registrar of your choice now?

I really recommend namecheap domain name registrar for you.

You need to choose one out of the two, so I will provide the guidance on how to purchase a domain name with Namecheap and GoDaddy domain name registrar.

So you can just choose one.

let’s get started.

  1. Purchase the custom domain name

In this section, I will tell you how to purchase a custom domain name, I am teaching you for free.

Have said it earlier that I will teach you how to purchase a domain name using Godaddy and Namecheap domain name registrar.

So let’s get started.

How to purchase a domain name using Namecheap

There is no need to tell you more about Namecheap, I have done that before.

If you haven’t read, click on Namecheap to read about it.

Follow all these steps to purchase a domain name using Namecheap:

Step 1: Click on Namecheap.

Step 2: You will see a search box, type the domain name you want to buy(mine is, so after hit on the search icon.

Type in the domain name for namecheap

Step 3: The next page is where you will see the result of the domain name, that will tell you if it is available or not. So if it is available, click on add to cart.

add domain name to cart on namecheap

Step 4: The domain name will be added to your cart, you will notice from your cart, so click on view cart.

view cart on namecheap

Step 5: After clicking on view cart, the next page you will see is where to set up your domain name, what I mean by setup is that you will choose the validity and others, they are simple, you can leave by default, so click on Confirm Order.

confirm order on namecheap

Step 6: So as this step, you need to sign up so that you can access your domain name, it is simple, just fill the form and click on Create account and continue.

create account on namecheap

Step 7: After creating the account, then you will need to choose a payment method, then you click on Continue.

Payment Option on Namecheap

Step 8: So after clicking on continue, then the next page to see is the place your order page, so from there you can check if your domain name and payment method are correct, so if all is perfect. Click on Pay Now.

Place Your Order on namecheap

So $12.17 will be deducted from your bank, so you have successfully purchased your domain name with Namecheap.
Tell friends you registered your domain with Namecheap domain name registrar.
Now, let’s get started with purchasing a domain name using Godaddy.

How to purchase a domain name using Godaddy

GoDaddy is also a domain name registrar you should use after Namecheap, it is cheap but Namecheap has features than Godaddy.

Follow all these to purchase a domain name using GoDaddy: 

Step 1: go to Godaddy, then enter your chosen domain name in the search box and hit search.

search domain name on godaddy

Step 2: You will see the result if the domain name is available or not, so if it is available, you will click on add to cart, so it will add to cart, then you will click Continue to cart.

GoDaddy Domain Name Search

Step 3: On the next page, select “No Thanks” under “Select plan”.

GoDaddy domain name privacy

Step 4: Scroll down and click on ‘Continue with these options”.

Continue with these options on godaddy

Step 5: on the next page, you need to do many things, you need to register on GoDaddy, so click on “create account”, then fill the form, after then you will be redirected back to the checkout option to continue your order.

register for godaddy account

Step 6: check the column on the right-hand side, you will Your items, so from there, you can apply the coupon(cjcgnc99)to buy domain name for $1.17, your domain name is for 2 years so after two years, you will renew it but if you want to change it, click on 2 years, then it will bring more options.

change year in godaddy option

Step 7: so now after signing in, you will fill the billing information and then click save.

billing information on godaddy

After clicking on save, then you will be redirected to the payment page, after making the payment then you have successfully purchased your domain name.
Tell your friends you have registered your domain name using Godaddy.

  1. Setup Your Purchased Domain Name

Yes, you’ve successfully purchased the domain name, good!

The next thing on point now is how to setup your purchased domain name.

Many people who have this guide as I do only teach how to buy a domain name, but they don’t tell you how you will setup your purchased domain name.

I mentioned two domain name registrar, so I will tell you how to set up for both also.

How to setup purchased domain name from Namecheap

Surely, You’ve understood how to buy a domain name using Namecheap, but the next thing is how to set it up?

I will discuss that now.

Great, from the comparison I told you Namecheap, is easy-to-use right?

Yes, I will provide that to you here.

To setup, your domain name depends on your blogging platform.

Sure, I will only discuss the commonest blogging platform which is WordPress and Blogger.

How do I setup purchased a domain name for WordPress on Namecheap?

For WordPress, you need to change the nameservers to the hosting company you are using.

For example, if you are using Bluehost and using Namecheap domain name, so you will need to get Bluehost nameserver and change to that of Namecheap, so the question to ask is “how do I change nameserver on Namecheap”?

Click on “Change nameserver for Namecheap domain name” to read more on how to change nameservers.

How do I setup purchased a domain name for Blogger on Namecheap?

For blogger blogging platform, you need to update Cnames.

Don’t be panic, Namecheap has a guide for that also.

Click on “How to setup Namecheap domain name for blogger” to read more.

How to setup purchased domain name from GoDaddy

You’ve bought your domain name from GoDaddy, right?

The next thing is to set up.

To set up your domain name also depends on your blogging platform.

So will discuss with you how to setup for WordPress and blogger blogging platform.

How do I setup purchased a domain name for WordPress on GoDaddy?

Yes, so also you need to change the nameserver of your domain name to the one of your hosting company.

Click on “how to change nameservers on GoDaddy” to read more.

How do I setup purchased a domain name for Blogger on Godaddy?

Blogger is also a blogging platform has you known, to set up a domain name, you need to change Cnames.

Godaddy also has the tutorial on how to do it also.

Click on “how to setup blogger domain name on GoDaddy” to read more.

  1. Tell People About Your Purchased Domain name

So you have purchased and setup your domain name, the next is to tell people about your new domain name.

How do I tell people about my new domain name?

The best way to tell them is to create quality contents and share on social media platforms, do SEO and also share on forums.

So with that people will see your newly purchased domain name.



I am sure after reading this, you will surely learn one or two things from here.

So surely, this should make your day.

I hope you have really learned how to purchase a domain name and how to set it up?

With this guide, you should be able to do that yourself without anyone’s help.

If this guide is really helpful, let me know by sharing on social media platforms.


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