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Website speed is very important Search Engine Optimization, so you need to optimize your website speed. In this guide, I will teach you how to improve website speed.

Improving your website speed is also the same as optimizing your website speed, so don’t get confused.

People expect your website to load before 1minute, anything after a minute they will click the exit button, and that causes bounce rate.

Bounce rate is the percentage of time people use on your website. When you rank for keywords on search engines and you bounce rate is high, your rankings will drop, because Google thinks your website isn’t helpful.

So for this reason, if you want to rank on search engines, your bounce rate must be low.

My website loads in 4s, I will share you the method used in improving my website speed, though some other website loads in milliseconds, some in 2seconds, that doesn’t really mean, all you should take note is that must load before a minute.

Bluecabal Website Speed Result
Bluecabal Website Speed Result

I will tell you how you can get results like that also.

As you know before telling you how to improve your website speed, you need to know what the website speed means.

So let’s get started with that.

What do I mean by Website Speed?

Website speed is the simple thing you know, It is the rate at which your website loads.

When all images, text, videos, ads and other things load to finish. So if you want your website to load faster, you need to have fewer images, texts, videos and ads.

And also after having fewer images, texts, videos and ads, there are also many things to do to make it faster, so if fewer images, texts, videos and ads reduce your website speed to 5seconds, then when you use the method I want to tell you here, you can reduce to 3seconds.

So why do I need to improve my website speed?

Let’s talk about that.

Why do I need to Improve my Website speed?

Have you ever ask why do I need to improve my website speed?

There are many reasons why you need to optimize your website speed, I will share you the major reasons why you need to.

The reasons are namely;

  1. To reduce bounce rate, if your website is still loading after a minute, people will click the exit button.
  2. To improve search engines rankings and SEO, Website speed is one of the ranking factors.
  3. To have a professional blog, it is well known that a professional blog has a very great website speed.

so now you have the reasons why you need to improve your website speed right?

The next thing is how to check the website speed.

SO let me explain that.

How do I check my website speed?

There are many ways to check your website speed, you can use your mobile phone and a stopwatch to check website speed, but it can’t be accurate sometimes.

So for this reason, people have made tools which you can use to check your website speed, some even add features that will tell you the reasons for the low speed and how to fix them.

Here is the list of the tools you can use to check your website speed(it is simple, just type in your URL):

  2. Gtmetrix
  3. Pingdom

So when you checked your website speed, it is slow right?

Probably it loads in 10seconds.

So now I will tell you the methods to use so as to improve the website speed.

How to improve website speed for free

From my post title, I said how to improve your website speed, either blogger or WordPress for free, right?

So I will share you the method to improve website speed for WordPress and also a blogger.

How to improve WordPress website speed


WordPress is one of the best CMS(Content Management System), it has content management features so, for this reason, it can be used for blogging. I mean it can be your blogging platform.

Most website and blogs online are hosted on WordPress, even my blog (bluecabal) is hosted on WordPress, it is simple to use especially with plugins.

I will show you the methods to use so as to improve WordPress website speed:

  1. Get Good Hosting.
  2. Use a lightweight theme.
  3. Optimize images.
  4. Optimize your database.
  5. Minify HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  6. Clear Cache using Caching Plugins.
  7. Remove Unwanted Plugins/Themes.
  8. Use CDN (if applicable).

So let me tell you more about each method you can use to improve your website speed.

1. Get Good Hosting

Web hosting is the most important thing in WordPress, it is on the hosting your files like images, contents, comments, themes, plugins are stored.

So if you have large files or you are going to have, you need a very good hosting that can hold the files.

So you need to choose a hosting that has a large bandwidth, best response time, and also very good support.

And also if you’re planning to have a big website, where you will get like 10000people at the same time, you can’t go for shared hosting, you should go to VPS or Dedicated Hosting.

That is simple, you can contact the hosting company I will recommend for you now, then tell them your requirement(i mean the type of website you want to create), so they will suggest the best hosting for you.

Bluehost is the best hosting to use for WordPress if you want to use another hosting, you need to check the server response time, you can use bitcatcha to check it. Google recommends the response time to be 200ms.

2. Use a lightweight theme

A Lightweight theme is a theme that has fewer codes. I mean Fewer CSS, HTML, Less Javascript or even no javascript.

WordPress has many themes, made by individual and companies. So you need to be careful of the themes you will use on your WordPress blog.

So if you want to know if a theme is lightweight, you can know those the structure and appearance of the themes, for example, if a theme is having sliders, it takes much time responding to the sliders, so it will take much time to load.

Where can I get lightweight themes?

There are many theme developers out there who want to sell their themes to the people, but you can’t just buy themes without checking the reviews and other crucial things about the themes.

I will tell you

Here are the websites where you can get lightweight themes:

  1. Mythemeshop.
  2. Happythemes.
  3. Studiopress.

Want free lightweight themes, check the WordPress theme directory.

I assumed you have a lightweight theme now. So you can check your website speed, you will surely see it has improved.

3. Optimize images

Images are the files in your database, they are those things that make your website load slower. Especially when you have images of many sizes.

I preferred images in kilobytes, so if the image is 100kb, so after compression it can reduce to 80kb, that’s so good.

In short, you need to get images with small sizes and compress it.

The questions you will want to where to get images with small capacity and how to compress the images.

I will answer that now!

The best website to get images with small size or capacity is Pixabay. I really love the website, they have free royalty images.

The best way to compress is using a plugin, there are many plugins which you can use, but I love and recommend WP Smush.

4. Optimize your database

In WordPress we have use of databases, the database consists of the files on your website. so you need to optimize them also.

Comments people posts on your website stores in your database, that’s why you see posts with plenty comments takes much time before they load.

Optimizing your database simply means clearing junks like unapproved comments, trashed contents, and other things that aren’t useful

The best way to optimize your database is by using a plugin called WP-Optimize.

Learn more about WP-Optimize from Getwpo.

5. Minify HTML, CSS and Javascript

There is no way a WordPress theme won’t have HTML, CSS and Javascript, all WordPress theme have them. Even when you choose a lightweight theme, they still have it but it isn’t as much as compared to big themes.

So you need to minify them so with minifying it is going to make the website loads much faster.

The best way to minify HTML, CSS and Javascript is to use a plugin called Autoptimize.

You can install and activate and read instructions it is simple to use.

6. Clear Cache using Caching Plugins.

Cache are files stored on your server, those cache requests too much and they keep the website keep loading.

I don’t know the reason why you need caches, they make the website slow.

So if you want to make your website load faster, clearing cache is one of the best ways to use.

So how do I clear caches?

You can clear caches using a plugin, there are two best-caching plugins you can use.

They are:

  1. W3 total cache, click on “how to setup w3total cache” to know more on how to configure.
  2. Wp Super Cache, click on “how to setup wp super cache” to read more on how to configure.

7. Remove Unwanted Plugins/Themes.

Yes, even on a normal look when you aren’t using something the best it to delete them, that’s the same thing for the website also.

When you aren’t using a plugin/theme(s), the best is to remove it, because the themes and plugins have sizes so they consume that on your hosting.

8. Use CDN (if applicable)

CDN is an acronym for Content Delivery Network, it is a network that allows you to store media (images, videos), files to reduce the load on your web hosting server to make your website load faster.

Website with large images or videos, files (like a website where people download files), makes use of this CDN, so if you know you are going to need so much media then you need CDN.

There are free and paid CDN, but believe me, you shouldn’t go for the free version because they aren’t easy to setup and has a lot of disadvantages, and remember you will host your website files on it so to keep it safe, use paid CDN.

Here are the best CDN you can use:

  1. Cloudflare
  2. KeyCDN
  3. MaxCDN

There are also some hosting that has CDN inbuilt with the hosting. Kinsta hosting has free CDN, so you can buy the hosting and get CDN for free.

How to improve Blogger website speed


Blogger is a free blogging platform by Google. It is free so many people have used and some are still using it.

Even some of those people using WordPress have used blogger blogging platform before.

I will show you the methods to use so as to improve your blogger website speed for free:

  1. Use a lightweight template.
  2. Compress images before uploading.
  3. Avoid too much coding like HTML, CSS and Javascript.

So now let’s go dive into each and everyone.

1. Use a lightweight template

Blogspot or blogger makes use of the template, it is the template that contains the codes like HTML, CSS, javascript and others.

So you need to choose a lightweight one, which means the one that doesn’t contain many codes in it.

Here are some websites where you can get lightweight templates:

  1. Gooyaabitemplates.
  2. Soratemplates
  3. Msdesignbd.

2. Compress images before uploading

Images keep the website loading slower most times, mainly because of the size.

The more the size the more your website loads slower, the less the size, the more your website loads faster.

You are using blogger blogging platform doesn’t mean you won’t have to compress images files, you have to.

But as for blogger, you have to compress the images manually because it doesn’t use plugins compared to WordPress.

Tinyjpg is the best website you can use to compress images, so you will upload the image to the website, after compressing you will download again.

So after downloading again, then you can upload to your website and start adding to the contents and featured images.

3.Avoid too much coding like HTML, CSS and Javascript.

When there are too many ads on a website, it will be slower compared to a website where there is ads and even website that has no ads.

I don’t mean that you shouldn’t use ads, the best place to put ads is in the first, middle and end of the posts, people won’t check your sidebar either your header, they are here to read contents not to check designs.

You need to use codes smartly, not that you will put everything together, all you need is a design.

Things aren’t done that way, you can get a professional programmer from Freelancer.

And shouldn’t insert scripts anyhow to the website, scripts can be used to hack your website, so you need to be careful.


I hope you have a nice time reading how to improve your website speed here?

Do you really understand it?

Speed is very important, it is one of the things your website need to have before it can rank on search engines.

I will be so glad if you can tell me your website speed through the comment box after following this content.

Don’t forget to share this to others.

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  1. Well explained with important aspects which are part of speed optimization.
    Why don’t you add WP rocket in the cache plugin list? It just a suggestion.

    1. Hello, thanks for the comment, WP Rocket is a premium plugin, that’s the main reason why I don’t add it them, remember from the post title, I indicate “free”.

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