How to Find the Perfect Blog Topic (Niche): The Untold Parts

Many newbies to blogging or even those who want to start blogging, get confused and convinced when it comes to how to find the perfect blog topic or niche they should go for.

So in this guide, I will clear all your confusions and also reconvinced you to the right path to choose the perfect blog topic or niche.

Let’s discuss little things about blog topics.

Finding blog topic or niche is one of the first things you need to do if you want to start a blog that will be successful.

People can’t read either visit a blog that doesn’t have a specific blog topic. For example, let’s assume a blog’s name is, what people should expect there all the time is News right?

Yes, so if you visit today, you will see how to start a blog, tomorrow, you will see how to buy a car, next tomorrow, you will see the latest news, that’s annoying.

That means the blog doesn’t have a particular niche or focusing on one.

Blog topics are also known and commonly known as Niche, people even me don’t like calling it niche because of buzz it causes in the blogosphere (Blogging world).

I noticed you’re curious to know more about blog topics?

Let me tell you in full.

What’s a Blog topic?

A blog topic is the topic of your blog, I mean what you write contents about on your blog. It is also known as Niche.

A typical example of a blog that focuses on a blog topic is proventechs which focus on technology niche.

There are thousands of blog topics o the internet which you can choose, but you need to be careful while choosing, some blog topics are so competitive before you can make money or rank, it will take much time.

Here is the image that shows the popular blog topics:

Popular Blog Topics

From the infographic that shows popular blog topics, you will notice they have different figures?

That’s the number of blogs that blogs about the topic, for example, economics is 130,000 compared to SEO which is 1,290,000. That means economics blog topic is less competitive than 1,290,000.

Within a short period of time, you can make money and rank if you are to choose economic as your blog topic, but as for SEO, it is gonna take so much time.

But why do I need to choose a blog topic and not doing everything together?

Let’s discuss that.

Why do I need to find and choose a blog topic?

I know some people’s thought is that when they use many blog topics, they will make more money and get much traffic. LOL

It’s not like that, even it is when you choose a blog topic that you can make money to the fullest.

Though there are blogs that practising multi-niche or multi-blog topics, they are called Magazine blogs. Magazine blogs can write contents about any topic. A very good example is Forbes.

You can also do that, but I will suggest you choose only a blog topic (if you know you want the blog to last for a long time, you can choose a blog topic that is very broad).

Here are some other reasons why you should choose a blog topic:

  1. For perfect user experience: people should understand what your blog is all about not that you will cause confusion because of your contents.
  2. Search engines optimization: Before you can rank on search engines, they have to understand your website better, for example, when you go to any search engines, search marketing blogs, you will see results, they won’t show you news blog, that simply means Google has understood the website. You can also have the result by focusing on only a blog topic.
  3. Revenue and Traffic: There is no way you will make money from your website either get traffic when people don’t stay on the website.

Now, you’ve full knowledge about Blog topics, let’s continue with the main reason why here.

How to Find the Perfect Blog Topic

Blog topic has have been saying is very important in Digital Marketing, especially when it comes to Content Marketing.

It’s the blog topic that will say the kind of contents you write on your blog.

So for this reason, I have to take my time to think of the five unknown ways to find the perfect blog topic.

They are:

  1. What do you have a passion for?
  2. Do you have knowledge about your passion?
  3. How much is your budget?
  4. What’s the competition?
  5. What are your plans?

I intentionally made it looks difficult, I mean you can’t really get what I mean by reading the points, so I am breaking each down for you now.

1. What do you have a passion for?

This is the most important thing you should consider when choosing a blog topic, many people run out of topic to write about.


It’s a disgrace for a blogger who asks people for the topic to write about, that simply means he is confused.

Some people especially female can cook very well so she may develop a passion for cooking, You can choose cooking as your blog topic.

I have the passion for teaching people Digital Marketing, so that’s why you’re here also, finding blog topic is part of Digital Marketing.

Recently, I told a friend of mine who was in music and video niche before to look for what he has the passion for, so he did and later tell me, he loves to create logos and graphics (logo designing), so he chose that as his blog topic and started teaching people logo designing so by now getting traffics, revenues and even popularity.

The funniest part is that the blog topic (logo designing) is so less competitive that he ranks faster maybe after some weeks he published new contents. He also makes video tutorials for youtube and recommends people to watch from his blog.

He is really enjoying now and very fortunate to find his blog topic.

How do I discover my passion?

This is the main problem some people have, there are many blogs out there they will tell you “choosing a passion” is also ways to find blog topics, but they don’t tell you how to discover your passion.

That’s one of the major reason why I started this blog, I noticed blogs that teaches digital marketing don’t really go in-depth into many things and people don’t get all their questions solved after reading a content.

Here are some tips to discover your passion:

  1. Your passion is what you like to do always.
  2. Your passion is what you’re always happy when doing it.
  3. Your passion is what you love to do even without getting paid or not.
  4. Your passion is what you have been addicted to.
  5. Your passion is what you can’t stop even when get convinced.

Do you really find your passion now?

2. Do you have knowledge about your passion?


Back in the days when being younger, I get motivated whenever my big sisters and brothers are using their laptops, I will be like what did they use to do on it.

It happens to many people also, they love to teach people things like programming, but they don’t have knowledge about it.

But believe me, if they know learn more about what you have a passion for, you will surely be an expert in it.

I have the passion for digital marketing, so I have the best training for it, so now I am expert in digital marketing.

So also for the professors, they have the passion for reading books, so they started doing it and they become pro!

Where can I learn what I have a passion for?

There are many sources online where you can learn what you have a passion for, you can even learn offline and start teaching people online.

Most times learning online is cheaper or even free compared to offline.

Here are some sources where you can learn what you have a passion for:

  1. Udemy.
  2. Coursea.
  3. Lynda.

You can also use your search engines to look for more, for example, if I want to learn how to cook, I will go to, then type “Learn how to cook for free”, you will see many results so you can learn easily.

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3. How much is your budget?

Your budget also matters when you’re finding a blog topic, some blog topic needs gadgets, tools before you can work with them.

A typical example is logo designing that I told you my friend is doing, you need many tools and gadgets before you can work on the blog topic.

The blog topic (logo designing) mostly need only videos, they won’t have much to write, so if you’re into the blog topic, you need very good laptop or cameras to provide high-quality video tutorials.

So your budget also matters most, so if you can’t afford the budget, I suggest you save more money to get the gadgets not that you will say you will manage it.

If you truly have the passion for something, I believe you won’t stop it rather look for means to get the necessary things you need.

In the end, if you really get it and also become successful, then you’re a legend indeed.

4. What’s the competition?

Many people are like:

Oh my God! I have been writing about this blog topic for years, none of my contents rank on search engines,it is annoying, i will stop blogging.

The competition of the blog topic is very important, what you have a passion for may be very competitive, that means you have to be patient and also hardworking.

You have to think out of the box, think of what your competitors don’t do or have so you do that.

And also if what you have a passion for it less competitive, then you’re lucky.

How do I check the competition?

To check the competition is in many ways, your common sense can also tell you this is very less competitive.

You can determine the competition of your passion through what’s going on around you, if you want to start something, you should think that does someone have this before?

Has someone done something like this before?

If yes, then you need to think of strategies to be better than him.

Follow all these steps to check the competition of a niche:

Step 1: Goto, type in and hit on search buttons what you have a passion for, I assumed cooking.

Google homepage

Step 2: You will see many results, but google search engines has a feature that will show you the number of results for what you’ve searched. So the more the results the more the competition.

checking competition for a blog topic

You can also check competition about your passion for the normal keyword research tutorial I made recently.

You will just change the topic to the title of your blog topic, instead of the keyword topic, you will reply with your blog title.

Here is the guide: How to do keyword research for free.

5. What are your plans?


Your plans are very important, the plans include how you will get traffic, make money, get people who will subscribe to your mailing list or join your newsletter.

I have plans which I do use to make money on my website, I don’t use Google Adsense either display adverts on my website.

Depending on your blog topic, you can make a lot of money, for example, that my friend who runs a blog that teaches people how to design logos, he made premium courses and sell on udemy.

Same here also, I will make premium videos and sell to people.

As my niche is concerned, I can make unlimited money, I can make videos and sell, I can start training people, I can write eBooks and sell, I can make use affiliate programs, and also I can do digital marketing for a website, I can do webinars and seminars.

There are just thousands of way to make money from blog topics and also get traffic from it.

I will make a special guide about this later.

It’s the matter of thinking and takes much time before you can make plans for your website.

Actually, you need a professional digital marketer to do this for you, you can contact me or comment below I will surely be of helpful.

Additional Tips: How to start working towards your new blog topic

Yes, you have a new blog topic, you have many works to do, the work is just to write quality contents and do some other thing.

Here are some other tips anyways:

FAQ about Blog topics

People get confused when choosing blog topics because of silly questions, I will answer some questions I think will be baffling your mind.

  1. How do I know if my blog topic is competitive? – I have explained that you can scroll back to the What’s the competition to read about it.
  2. How long will I get money from my blog topic? – The answer to this is as long as you started getting traffic and if you’re smarter, you can make $100 with 200pv per day, I will discuss that on this blog also, just bookmark!
  3. Where do I get contents for my blog topic? – You have chosen a niche of your passion and also of what you’ve learned, so surely you should be able to provide quality contents around the topic.


I feel like not stopping like seriously, this content and also the topic is really amazing.

Do you really understand all that have said?

That’s what I need, I want you to run your blog successfully so also I will run mine, so we guys gonna compete on search engines.

I am very sure that you have a blog topic of your choice now?

If you still have more questions, tell me via the comment box, surely I will reply.

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