How to Find and Check Domain Name Registration Details for FREE

How to Find and Check Domain Name Registration Details?

Is it free?

Yes, finding and checking the details used for a domain name registration is free and very simple.

You will be able to get the domain name registrar, the time and date the domain name is registered.

In this content, you will learn how to do that.

Some bloggers hide their identity; they don’t want you to know they run the blog, but with the domain name details, you can get the rightful owner of the blog.

But some people are smart, they may not use email that is related to their email rather they use that of their blog.

Don’t have a domain name? here is the guide to buy; How to Purchase a Domain Name and How to Set it Up.

So let’s get started with the reasons why you need to find a domain registration details:

Why do I need to find domain registration details?

There are many reasons why you need to do this, especially for new bloggers.

Recently, I lost my first domain name ( to someone. The domain name expired but I have forgotten because I am not using it again, but another person bought it before I do.

You can also do the same, you have a favorite domain name but it has been bought but the person isn’t using?

With the help of some tools (to be discussed in this content), you will be able to find domain name details i.e when it will expire (the date, time, year) so you can buy it immediately even before the owner does.

To reveal a ghost blogger – I said this already; probably you have a blog which you don’t know the owner? with the help of the domain name details tools, you can get the email the person used to register the domain name (in some cases, he may not use his personal email that contains his name).

Now, you’ve known the reasons why you need to find domain name registration details?

Which domain details will I get?

With this content, you will be able to get all these:

  • The domain name registrar: Where the domain name is registered.
  • The time and date the domain is registered.
  • And the domain name server (which usually contain the web hosting company name).

Let’s get started finding it.

How to Find and Check Domain Name Registration Details for FREE

As have said, it is simple. It doesn’t require any skills, you only need the necessary things (computer and internet).

There are many tools to check domain name registration details, but I will give you the list of some.

List of domain name registration details checkers:

  1. (I recommend this; I will use for this tutorial).
  2. Register Whois checker.
  3. mydomain whois lookup.
  4. Netim whois lookup.
  5. Domaintools.

I use out of all. So I will use it in this tutorial also.

How to check domain name registration details on is one of the trusted sources where many people check domain name details.

You can do it also.

Follow all these steps to find domain name registration for free:

Step 1: Go to homepage

Step 2: Enter the domain name (I used you want to know its registration details, and click on the search button.

find/check domain name registration details

Step 3: After clicking on the search icon, then you will see the domain name details. It will show the domain name registrars, the time and other things.

Here is the screenshot of the domain name registration details that I searched:

Domain name registration details
Domain name registration details

Have you found/Checked the domain registration details?

I hope this tutorial is helpful?

At last, you’ve got the domain name registration details, kudos to me right?

Let me know this tutorial is helpful by sharing with others.

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