How to Add Your Blog to Facebook: The Simplest Methods Ever

how to add your blog to facebook

Adding your blog to your Facebook is a strategy you should also practise, especially if you are having more members on your Facebook. I will discuss how to add your blog to facebook without doing much stress neither hiring a pro.

There are many people on facebook so when you add your blog, it will reach more people so they will visit your website and increase your blog traffic.

There are many ways to add your blog to Facebook, but I am going to discuss the best ways.

so let’s get started.

How to Add Your Blog to Facebookhow to add your blog to facebook

Do you know the biggest social media network in the world?

It is facebook.

Facebook has 2 billion monthly users. So adding your blog URL to the Facebook profile will show it to the people.

So adding your blog to Facebook will show the users your blog.

Let’s get started: 

Add your blog link to facebook

This is the best way to add your blog to facebook because it will display on your facebook profile, so many people will see it.

Displaying your blog link (also known as URL) on your Facebook profile is a very good strategy on Facebook (almost every blogger does it). So follow all these steps to add your blog link to Facebook:

Step 1: Go to Facebook, sign in your account. Then go to your profile.

facebook profile

Step 2: Then click on “about” then “contact and basic info”.

facebook about profile

Step 3: So you will see websites and social links section, then place your cursor on it and you will click on the edit icon.

edit blog link on facebook profile

Step 4: Type in your blog URL, then click on save changes.

adding blog link to facebook profile

You’ve successfully added your blog link to your facebook profile. Friends and families will see it even every they check your profile.

Share links to your blog posts on facebook

This is to add your blog links on Facebook, you can even share another blog’s link with this method.

Facebook has made it easy, you can post the link to your blog posts on Facebook without much stress.

Follow all these steps to share links on Facebook:

Step 1: Login to Facebook, click on “what’s on your mind”.

facebook homepage

Step 2: Copy the link to your posts and paste in what’s on your mind box (you can also add texts to it). Then you will see the link preview (it will show the post’s featured image), then click on post.

writing post on facebook

The link has been shared on your timeline, so your friends will see it.

Share posts automatically on facebook

This is another feature from the third party websites made. It allows you to share your new posts automatically without pasting on your timeline manually.

I suggest you make use of feed to share your posts automatically, you will only need to submit your website feeds (posts) and it will be shared on Facebook automatically.

Facebook has made it easy, they have made a post that will guide you on how to share posts automatically.

Here is the content; How to share your posts automatically on Facebook.

Before you go

Facebook is a platform every blogger should be using because it has many users, so as a blogger you should think of strategies to get the Facebook users into your blog.

I have made a strategy i.e by creating a group on facebook: Blogging and Marketing Forum.

You can also run facebook ads if you want it to reach targetted people.

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