How to Get Hostinger Free Domain and Hosting Offer


How can I get Hostinger Free Domain and Hosting Offer?

Probably your friend told you about the new Hostinger offer?

Yes, he is right Hostinger is giving out the free domain and hosting for everyone

Hostinger is one of the fast growing web hosting company with amazing features and also provides quality web hosting services for it users.

In this content, I will tell you more about the Hostinger Free domain and hosting offer which you should also try. I have written about how to buy a domain name and set it up before bringing this post.

Before telling you more about the hosting free domain and hosting offer, I will like to tell you more about the hosting company.

Hostinger: All you need to know.

hostinger logo

Hostinger is a web hosting company and domain name registrar. It was established in 2004 but known as Hosting Media back then, but after reaching 1million users, they changed to Hostinger.

The web hosting company has over 29 million users as of now from 178 countries, so for that reason, it is not a local hosting.

It is a very good web hosting company you should try. I have used on my blog before but currently, I am using Exonhost. But I have a very good experience hosting my website with them

Even whem am using, many people asked me, which kind of web hosting am I using? simply because of the great speed of my blog, so I tell them more about hostinger web hosting company.

They also have good customer support (24/7), when you logged in to your Hostinger account, then you will find them and chat easily.

The basic features of their web hosting plans are (though, it depends on the kind of plan);

  1. WordPress Supported and Optimized.
  2. Supports Website Builder.
  3. Email Accounts.
  4. Free SSL (Business shared hosting plan only).
  5. Unlimited Bandwith.
  6. 4X Processing Power & Memory (premium shared hosting plan or business shared hosting.).
  7. Unlimited or Multiple websites.
  8. Backup (either daily or weekly, depending on the plan).
  9. Free domain name(for premium and business shared hosting plans only).
  10. Powerful and Custom Control Panel.

Those are the features of the hostinger web hosting plans, they have great features, right?

Yes, they are.

So let’s move to how to get Hostinger free domain and hosting.

How to get Hostinger free domain

Hostinger free domain offer seems confusing, but it is not.

To get any type of domain name extension i.e .com, .net, .org, .co etc for free, you need to buy either premium shared hosting plan or business shared hosting.

But you can get other domains like .online, .tech, .store, .site, .website, .space for free but you will need to pay ICANN fee ($0.99) and taxes & fees ($0.18).

Follow all these steps to get the Hostinger free domain:

Note: Domains extension like .online, .tech, .store, .site, .website, .space but you need to pay ICANN fee ($0.99) and also taxes & fees ($0.18). So to get the domain name you will pay $1.17. Hostinger payment method includes PayPal, BitPay, Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Maestro, Diner’s and JCB) and CoinPayments.

Step 1: Go to Hostinger free domain page.

Step 2: Enter your desired domain name, and click on “check it”.

gert free hostinger domain

Step 3: So it will show you the result, so click on “add to cart” for any of your chosen domain names then click on “view cart and checkout”.

add free domain to cart

Step 4: So after clicking, it will redirect you to the checkout page, so click on checkout.

checkout for hostinger free domain

Step 5: The next thing is to choose a payment method, then scroll down and type your details to sign up. After doing, then click on “checkout now”.

signup for hostinger free domain

Step 6: So you will be redirected to where to make payment if it is MasterCard you will enter your MasterCard details. if it is PayPal you will be redirected to PayPal to make the payment. If you’re facing any problem with this, kindly contact Hostinger support.

Starting using your free domain name.

How to get Hostinger Free Hosting

Are you looking for the best free hosting?

Then hostinger free hosting is the best option.

The free hosting came with features which made it very popular because people really know much about this web hosting.

The free hosting plan came with amazing features that worth paying, but Hostinger made it easy.

Here are the major features of Hostinger free hosting:

  • No ads & No hidden fees.
  • 99% Uptime Guarantee.
  • Website Builder.
  • Free WordPress Hosting.

Follow all these steps to get the Hostinger free plan:

Step 1: Go to Hostinger Free Hosting page.

Step 2: Then you will see a form to fill. Enter your email address, password, and the website name, then click on free hosting.

get hostinger free hosting

Then you can start using your free web hosting from Hostinger.

How to buy premium web hosting from Hostinger?

With my little experience (I hosted my blog there sometimes ago) with Hostinger web hosting company, I am recommending for you also. They have everything. I mean good customer care support, inbuilt control panel, optimized for WordPress etc.

It is recommended for new bloggers with a low budget.

So in case you want to buy web hosting from Hostinger, it is very simple. You only need to follow steps.

Follow all of these steps to buy web hosting from Hostinger;

Step 1: Go to hostinger(click on the link). So you scroll down to Web Hosting Plans.

hostinger homepage

Step 2: Click on “Get started” to choose any of the web hosting plans.

hostinger web hosting plans

It will be added to your cart, so you can pay them, sign up and you have successfully buy a web hosting plan.


Hostinger is a great web hosting company you should use on your next blog, you can also transfer your blog from your current hosting to Hostinger. It is very simple. Just take the backup of the whole website, buy a plan on Hostinger and that’s all.

The hosting plans are well optimized, especially for WordPress. They also have different types of hosting i.e VPS, Business Hosting etc.

I hope you have gotten your Hostinger free domain name and web hosting?

Send with friends so they can get theirs also.

Having any questions or complaint, you can let me know via the comment box.

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