Free Guide to Blogging that Will Make You a Professional Blogger

Are you a new blogger who is looking for the best guide to blogging?

Are you a blogger who wants to be a professional blogger?

Then, this guide is the best for you. It contains everything you need to know about blogging.

Blogging is one of the things people are finding difficult to do, but you’re so fortunate to be here because I am going to explain everything without leaving anything behind about blogging, that’s the reason why I named this content: Free Guide to Blogging that Will Make You a Professional Blogger.

The fact is that some people do say one thing that something (a guide or content to be specific) cannot teach you everything, but here I will try and proof them wrong because this content will be very superb and will add to you positively.

Though I can’t tell you everything in this content, I will tell you the basic things you will need that will guide you (as my post title says “guide to blogging” ), because many people who join blogging after 3 months, always quit. The reason as per my research is that the kind of people didn’t know more about blogging before they start, they thought it is like the office job, that you will start at the 1st day of the month and get paid either on the 3oth of the money. It’s not like that.

Don’t worry, I will tell you what blogging really is without hiding anything.

Now, am starting my guide to blogging, so am starting with blogging as a topic.

Blogging as a topic

definition of bloggi

Blogging comprises of many things and it is so broad. So in this section, I will be telling you more about “blogging”, more things like the definition and how it works.

Many people try and reach me on social media to ask me what does blogging means (definition of a blogging), someone even asked that does blogging even has its own definition? because when you go to google and search “blogging”, the result you will get is the meaning of a blog. So, for this reason, I have made a simple definition of blogging. The definition is simple.

Definition of Blogging

Though for the first time of hearing the word “blogging,” I was thinking of what it can mean, so I went to google and type it, to be surprised I saw the meaning of blogging instead of the meaning of blogging, but I typed what is blogging, I got confused. But what I later did was that I used the old strategies that I use in school for words ending with “ing”, so it worked for the definition of blogging also.

When you remove “ging” from blogging, it remains “blog”, so then I put it this way that blogging will be the act of doing what a blog means, and that was very right. My strategy was right, so I got the meaning of blogging so since then I know the meaning of blogging.

But as times goes on, I later make the meaning simple and short, so whenever people ask me what blogging is (many people usually ask when I tell them am doing blogging) I tell them this;

Blogging means managing a blog.

The sentence “managing a blog” means a lot, it is a sentence that explains blogging in the right way. I have a simple way which I use to explain the meaning of the sentence(managing a blog).

Here is what I use to explain the sentence “managing a blog”:

I usually say; managing a blog is like managing a company, the manager of a company performs many functions in the office i.e make sure the company is running smoothly, make sure people patronize them(marketing) and make sure the company doesn’t liquidate? It is same thing like a blogging also, you have to perfom different functions like Writing the content, Making sure that the content reach audience, Renewing hosting plans (either yearly or monthly), updating plugins and themes(not everyday, it is when the developer make changes) and lot more.

Do you understand what blogging really means now? So you shouldn’t have any doubt about the definition of blogging.

Now, the next thing before going to how to start a blog are the basic things you need to know about blogging, that’s why I said that you don’t just jump into blogging and expecting money at the end of the month. Things aren’t like that, in the next section, I will tell you those things you need to know about blogging before starting.

Basic things about blogging

basic things about blogging

In this section, I am going to tell you some things (the real facts) about blogging (those things you need to know before starting blogging) that those who quit blogging after 3 months don’t know before they start blogging, so to avoid the same thing, you should be aware of those things.

I said it in the first paragraph that you’re so fortunate to be here when I want to start blogging, I don’t know these basic things, it is because I am passionate to blogging that’s why I don’t quit. Most of the people we started together quitted when it reached some levels.

Here are the major basic thing you need to know before starting blogging;

Note: These are also the things that make you run your blog professionally.

– Blogging is not free, you have to invest

Don’t think because I name my title a free guide to blogging, then blogging is free. That’s capital NO. Though, when I want to start blogging, I thought everything is free also. But there is no way, you will have to spend.

It is better to have a separate job that brings money so from the money you make, then you will invest on blogging, that’s an advice that costs $0.02, but you got it free.

So don’t always go for free things, you should read more before using the free version (check the review of the free and the paid), you have to know the pros and cons of the paid over the free. I also review products you will use for your blog, you can find that in my reviews category.

– Blogging takes time and effort

I said it, this is one of the reasons why people quit blogging after some time. Blogging is somehow slow especially if you don’t have money to invest. It takes time before you can make money from blogging, that’s the real fact, from my research. The successful blogs don’t make a cent within years, yet they keep spending, but after some time now they make big money per month.

I love the quotes that say, “Good things doesn’t come easily”. That made me remains in blogging the other time my friends quitted.

– Quality content matters most

This is the first thing a blogger should know and understand, it is the content that people will read i.e the primary aim of people coming to your website, so you have to satisfy them with quality content that will solve their problem, it is with the aim of solving their problems that you will make money.

I have made a content just like this, they will guide you on how to create quality contents. click on “create quality contents” to read the free guide also.

– Choose a niche/blog topic

This is another thing people don’t understand, they keep posting all sort of content. Today they will write about news, tomorrow sport, next tomorrow education, that doesn’t seem proper. Even visitors get confused and remember there are other blogs.

Visitors are very fast in clicking the exit button, so you have to make sure you explain things to them, pamper them like babies and make sure they get their aim of visiting your blog.

You don’t have to keep thinking before you can choose a blog topic, I have made extraordinary content that will guide you, so click on how to choose the perfect blog topic to read the guide.

– Copyright Contents and Images

You need to be careful of copyright issues, you don’t copy contents, because that’s what some bloggers usually do, that’s not good. You have to write yours. Remember this quote “Don’t copy from your competitors, learn from them”. You can just check what the writer didn’t do in his content (maybe didn’t add videos), so you will write yours and add videos. That’s the “quality there”

Another thing is all about images, some images you see from google result maybe copyrighted (owned and can be used by only the owner or the company, for this reason, I have made a research and have written content on the best websites online to get copyright free images, click on get copyright free images to check those websites.

The reason why you shouldn’t use copyright contents or images is that the owner by report your blog and that has negative effects on your blog, this is rampant to search engines stuff when someone reports to google then the blog will not rank on search engines because Google is going to deindex the contents.

– Think of ways to get traffic

More traffic = More earnings.

So if you want to make more money from blogging, then you will have to think of ways to get traffic to your websites. When your blog is getting traffic, that means you can make money from it.

If the blog created today started receiving much traffic, that means it can start making money by using different blog monetization methods.

– Learn Basic Skills a blogger should have

Basic skills like how to do SEO, HTML, Writing content is what bloggers should know. It will make their work easier especially SEO, it is the best way to get traffic to your website.

You can learn the basic skills from a popular website called Udemy, just visit the website typing in any of the skills and you will see video courses of them, so you can learn from there.

– Be Authentic

Always be yourself, don’t lie or make things that are not real, when you’re authentic people will trust you, and this is very important, most especially if you’re into the selling of eBooks, and Videos courses, people have to trust you before they can buy anything.

– Create a strategy/make a plan

This is very important and it is another topic on its own. It is a very good habit that I emulated from school, at the beginning of resumption, I create plans toward the term, so also the same thing for blogging, when you create plans some things difficult especially writing content will be easier.

You can make plans that you will be writing 2 contents per week, share contents only during weekends etc.

– Responsive and good design

Responsive design is the design that will fit any device that your visitors are using. I mean if one of your visitors is using a mobile phone, the other is using a laptop. They should have a good user experience. The widget and everything should fit.

Good design is what will present your contents to people if you are having worst design (especially bad fonts) people will find it difficult to read your contents and remember that’s the primary aim so if they cannot do that, they will click the exit buttons.

I am very sure with the basic things you should know before you start blogging, you will be able to run your blog like a pro, don’t worry. I still have more strategies to give you, these are just the basic things you should know.

So before telling you how to start blogging, I will like to tell answer some questions you will want to ask about blogging.

FAQ about Blogging

faq about blogging

There are questions you will want to ask about blogging, in this section, I will give you the best answer to some questions you will want to know about.

Many people ask me those questions, so I know them.

– How much do I need to start blogging?

Starting blogging is the same thing as start a blog. You don’t need much to start a blog(not like building a company). It depends on the blogging platform you chose (i will discuss this in this content). So if you choose the free blogging platform i.e blogger, you will only need to buy a domain name which costs around $15, but if you chose a paid blogging platform i.e WordPress, then you will have to buy a web hosting which costs $80 per year (web hosting depends on the plans) and a domain name which costs around $15 per year.

Don’t worry, there are some web hosting and domain name providers whose plans are cheap, you will make use of coupon codes. So it is cheap to start blogging.

– What are those things I will need for blogging?

You don’t need many things though. But let’s say this depends on your niche, because if you will be making video tutorials then you will need quality digital cameras. But as for the popular blog topics, you will need;

  1. Computer either desktop or laptop: to create content, share content and do other things.
  2. Modem or Wifi: to get connected to the internet.

So as you can see, you need the basic things to start blogging. You don’t even need an office.

– How much can I make from blogging?

This is a very broad topic actually, but it is simple and a thing you can think of. But the best answer to the question is;

You can make unlimited money from blogging, All you need is TRAFFIC!

Traffic is what you need, you can make millions from blogging as long as you keep having more traffic then you will have more earnings (more traffic You can make unlimited money from blogging, all you need is TRAFFIC.= more earnings.

I have a written a guide that discusses more this, click on how can i make from blogging to read about it.

– Where will I find topics to write about?

This is another big issue that convinces many people and destroys their passion for blogging, they keep wondering where they will get blog topics from. But it is very simple.

It depends on the niche you chose (that’s why I love to tell people to choose niche on what they have knowledge about), I have a complete guide on how to choose a niche, click here to read. So let’s assumed you choose “business” as your blog topic, you will keep writing everything about the business. You can do research on google and then compose your own content without copying from the source you’ve read from.

– When will I start making money from blogging?

This question is similar to how much can I make from blogging, but the best answer to this is that when you start getting the traffic you can start marketing money from blogging.

I said it that; more traffic = more earnings.

So if you create your blog today, and by tomorrow you start getting traffic, let’s say 1000visitors per day, then you can now start making money. It is not easy for a new blog to get traffic (especially those traffic e.g from search engines that will give you more earnings when you use google adsense).

– How do I get my money from blogging?

There are many payment methods you can use to withdraw your money, but the commonest payment methods are;

So you can get either of the two accounts, you will get your money to withdraw quickly with that, but in case you’re using another monetization method with different payment methods, you can ask for the guide on how to create or make use of google.

I have given you told you the meaning of blogging, the basic things you need to know before starting blogging, and also I have answered the FAQ you will like to ask about blogging. I am very sure those things will make you a professional blogger. A professional blogger runs his blog professionally and I have shared with you the basic things to run your blog like a pro.

The next thing now since you have known many things about blogging is how to start blogging.

How to start blogging

how to start blogging

Starting blogging is also the same thing as starting a blog, I want you to get that right.

Starting a blog doesn’t involve buying an office, though after some time you can do this. But it involves getting a server on the internet. The server may be free or paid.

To start blogging, I have made it easy by summarizing all the steps into 5 steps. So now I want to tell you the 5 steps you need to follow to start blogging.

The 5 steps to follow to start blogging are;

  1. Choose a blogging platform.
  2. Choose and buy a domain name.
  3. Create your blog.
  4. Publish quality contents.
  5. Grow your blog.

So, we have to take the step one after the other.

1. Choose a blogging platform

I have promised to tell you what a blogging platform means. So now I am going to tell you the meaning.

A blogging platform is a software you use in creating blogs. It hosts the blog i.e the contents, pages, images, comment.

When it comes to the blogging era, we have two great blogging platform (I mean the most popular ones) that is very suitable for blogging, they are made mainly for blogging. The two plugins are;

  1. WordPress.
  2. Blogger.

Let me quickly discuss the two blogging platform, I mean the pricing, features and others.


Wordpress blogging platform

WordPress happens to be one of the best content management software in the world (it is the best in some cases). It is owned by Automattic. This blog is hosted on WordPress, so WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms you should use.

There are two different kinds of WordPress, let’s say it is classified into two, we have;

  • (Self-hosted).

There are differences between the both;
It is hosted on server. It is self-hosted, you need to get web
hosting where you will install the WordPress on.
It is paid, you have to choose plans(each plan has its features). It is free. (you may need to renew the web
hosting you used).
It is easy to customize and use. It is easy to customize(though sometimes it
needs coding i.e PHP).
It has full support, you can just contact
their customer care.
It doesn’t have full support, all you can do
is to post on forums and wait till they reply
You will buy your domain name, you cannot
connect your domain name with
You can buy your domain name elsewhere and
connect to your web hosting then install WordPress.
It displays ads about on your website unless you upgrade your plan. It doesn’t display ads.
It has only 3gb storage for free plans
(storage capacity based on plans).
It has unlimited storage (depending on the
web hosting).

WPbeginner has discussed more the differences between and in his content.

From the differences, then you will go for the one you think it is perfect for you. Don’t worry, I will write the guide on how to create a blog using both and


Blogger blogging platform

Blogger is the best free blogging platform on the internet, you don’t have to pay anything even you can use a subdomain if you cannot afford the paid/custom domain name at the particular time.

It is owned by Google. So it has may feature just like WordPress. Many contents online have argued on the best between WordPress and blogger platform, but without any doubt, WordPress is better than blogger, but you don’t need all these for now.

I have reviewed blogger already in one of my contents, where I made mention of the pricing and the features of blogger platform click here to read more about blogger.

By reading the features and pricing of the two blogging platform, you should be able to choose the one that you wand. Make sure you choose the one you can handle very well I am talking about budgets. WordPress blogging platform needs money to run it perfectly (as you will need to get some things) but as for blogger, it is free for life.

2. Choose and buy a domain name

After choosing a blogging platform, the next thing is buying a domain name.

But, what’s a domain name?

Domain name is the name of your blog including the domain name extension. An example of a domain name is “Bluecabal” is the name of my blog, “.com” is the domain name extension. So the combination of two is, so that made it a domain name.

That’s the meaning of a domain name, now let’s proceed to how to choose and buy a domain name.

Choosing a domain name

The next thing is how to choose the perfect domain name. You need to be careful when choosing a domain name because after purchasing, you can’t change it again unless you purchase another. So you need to choose wisely.

Here are some tips for choosing the perfect domain name;

  • Make it short and simple like bluecabal so that people can remember easily.
  • Don’t make use of hyphens like blue-cabal, it is not good.
  • Don’t add numbers like bluecabal2, it is not good.
  • Make sure you don’t use copyright terms (like a company name), so you have to do research about the domain name on google. Just typing the name you chose.
  • Make it a unique domain name (personal advice), I mean don’t use common thing people do use like “tech” just go for new things.

I hope those tips are helpful?

Buying a domain name

Now, I assumed you’ve chosen the perfect domain name, the next thing is buying your desired domain name. You need to buy before anybody else does.

To buy a domain name, you have to follow some steps, but I have made it simple for you. I have written the content that will guide you on how to purchase and set up a domain name. Click on how to purchase and set up a domain name to read.

I hope that’s helpful?

3. Create your blog

This is the next thing after choosing a blogging platform and buying a domain name, the next thing is to create your blog.

Creating your blog depends on the blogging platform you chose, but I will teach you how to create a blog with the two blogging platform. So let’s get started.

How to create a blog with WordPress

WordPress is one of the best blogging platforms you should use as have said, it is divided into two i.e and I am going to create a guide on how to create a blog with them.

How to create a blog with

It is simple.

Follow all of these steps to create a blog with;

Step 1: Go to, click on get started. homepage

Step 2: Now, you have to fill some things, they are simple and straightforward, you can go about it yourself.

Then you have you successfully created a blog using Facing any problem visit’s guide on how to create a blog.

How to create a blog with

To create a blog with is different because it is self-hosted you will have to get your own server (also known as web hosting). So it is on your server that you install WordPress and configure it.

My point is just that, I am not in the right position to give you the guide on how to create a blog with, but the web hosting company you used. That’s why you shouldn’t use local hosting. They don’t have many guides and poor support.

I am recommending the best web hosting recommended by WordPress itself which is Bluehost.

Bluehost as the recommended web hosting, they have good support and have many guides which will make help you in using their web hosting.

Click on Bluehost to visit their website. You will see plans and other things, if you don’t understand or want to ask questions, feel free to chat with the customer support (you can get their link in the footer page).

How to create a blog with blogger

Blogger is the best free blogging platform own by Google search engines.

Follow all these steps to create a blog with blogger;

Step 1: Go to, click on create your blog.

Blogger Homepage

Step 2: You need to sign in with your Google account, then after doing that you need to create either a Google+ profile or blogger account, Google+ account is better.


Step 3: After creating, you will be redirected to blogger and have a welcome message, so click on create a blog after then you need to enter your blog name now and blog URL, then click on create blog.


You’ve successfully created a blog with blogger blogging platform.

Facing any problem in creating a blog with blogger?

Watch this video to create your blog with blogger platform;

4. Publish Quality Contents

Quality contents are what you need on your blog, it is what people want to come and be reading from your blog. So the next thing after you have created your blog is to start writing quality contents.

So the next question you will want to ask is how do I write quality content?

How to write quality contents

Writing quality contents is a skill, you can learn it. Just that it has its own principles which you must follow to create a quality content everybody will like.

To make writing quality contents easier, I have made some steps which you will follow.

Here are the steps you need to follow to write quality contents;

  1. Choose a perfect topic to write about.
  2. Do keyword research on the topic.
  3. Choose a catchy post title.
  4. Do Research on the topic before writing.
  5. Make Outline.
  6. Go to each section made in outline and starting writing.
  7. Run Grammarly.
  8. Hunt for images.
  9. Read Again and check for errors.
  10. Publish.

To make sure you get each point in the steps, I have to make another guide that explains more about each point, click on how to write quality content to read about it.

5. Grow your blog

Growing your blog involves getting more traffic (people who will read your content).

After creating your blog and publishing quality contents, the next thing is to grow your blog. The tips to grow your blog are those things people called strategies or techniques (that’s what people write in their guides and sell to them). I am going to give you some tips to grow your blog.

Here are some goldmine tips (also known as strategy or technique) to grow your blog;

  • Set SEO to get traffic from the search engines.
  • Share your contents on social media platforms, forums just make sure it reaches people.
  • Create social media accounts i.e facebook pages, twitter account, Google+ account with the name of your blog, make sure people join it and share your content there also.

Before you go

Being a blogger is what you should be thinking of, I mean a great thing you should be aiming to be. There are many benefits of being a blogger. When you start blogging you will know the benefits.

When you start blogging, you have to follow instructions which will guide you in running your blog professionally. I will be sharing on my blog here, so I suggest you join my newsletter (click here to join) where I will be sharing those things you will need for blogging.

You don’t have to pay me for anything. This is what I can do to help people (my contribution to the world).

Happy blogging!

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