Future of Bloggers: Will Blogging Still Be Existing After Sometime?

What’s the future of bloggers?

What’s the future of blogging?

Will Blogging Still Exist After Sometime?

Future of bloggers is also referred to as the future of blogging.

You will get the three questions answered after reading this article, I also discuss things you should do against the future of blogging.

Actually, everything in this life will die (I mean living things), but not for blogging. It is the bloggers that provide contents that shows on the SERPs(Search Engine Results), so that means if blogging is going to end, then Google and other search engines is also going down.

Even, if Google and other search engines went down, blogging will still exist, because, by that time, people look for blogs that contain relevant information, then they will bookmark the kind of website, so they will visit to read.

So the imagination, Neither Google or Blogging is going down. They all have a great future ahead.

Now, I will discuss the future of bloggers.

Future of Bloggers

A blogger is a person who runs a blog or who do blogging. So what’s the future of bloggers?

I am a blogger, probably you’re a blogger too, so what should we be expecting in the future?

You should be expecting a lot of new things in the future of blogging, but before that, there are some things you need to know about blogging. I have made a quick guide that contains everything. Click on Guide to Blogging.

Here are some things that you should be expecting in the future of blogging;

1. Less Traffic

Traffic Dropping

Many blogs are created every day, Search engines release big algorithms which makes it difficult before blogs can rank. For these reasons, you will have less traffic.

So in the future, you will face this issue (some are even facing it presently), I think the option is to prepare for it.

The solution to this is to think of great strategies to get traffic to your blog, I mean unique ways that people don’t know.

From that, you will be able to generate more traffic, but you should forget those popular methods like SEO, though SEO will continue to generate traffic to your blog when you are an Authority Website(A Website that is trusted by Google and other search engines).

2. More money (if you’re smart)

make more money from blogging

More money?

You will surely get this when you have more traffic. The main reason is that there are going to be more Blog Monetization and Advertising Networks because people are creating new products, so they will want to market.

As a blogger, I want you to believe the fact that; The more people markets, the more you earn.

That’s how Adsense and other advertising networks are getting advertisers whose adverts are shown on your blogs. So the more people advertise, the more you earn.

Another popular blog monetization is Affiliate Marketing; People will keep establishing companies (so they will have a website), so they will have an affiliate program (it is one of the best ways to get customers, as people will get commissions when they refer other people).

3. New Development and Design

Sure, you should expect this in every aspect. Especially in your blogging platforms. If you’re using WordPress, you should see the new updates in the designs.

For the development, There will be improvements in software use for blogging, which is mainly to make things easier for bloggers and make the work lesser.

There will be much software that will make blogging easier, surely I will also develop some software to make blogging easier, though not now. After much time.

You only need to keep updating your WordPress website, themes and plugins, you will receive the updates and enjoy them.

What you should do against the future of blogging

There are some preparations you should do again the future of blogging. Though no one knows tomorrow, with some things I am going to share, your blog will keep improving.

Here are those things you should do against the future of blogging;

1. Build Trust

build trust

Trust is the most important thing you need in business, especially when you sell products or services. You should build trust between the people. The trust is essential in the business.

The next question that you will want to ask is how to build trust in business. I will tell you that also.

Here are some tips for building trust in business:

  1. Share them the best article you can.
  2. Solve their problems.
  3. Tell the truth.
  4. Respect their time by replying to their comments.
  5. Create mutual relationships (you can do this by telling them to follow you on social media platforms).

A friend has explained more about building trust in business in his content on marketingforsuccess.

2. Focus on creating better contents

write new content

This is all you can do, Creating better contents is the strategy that is always working (and will be working) for blogging. Content is what people want to read on your blog, so try to create better ones that will solve people’s problem.

Since have said, creating better contents will be working for blogging all the time, so in the future of blogging, creating quality contents will still work.

I have made a quick guide on how to create quality contents that will solve people’s problem, click on create quality content to read the quick guide.

3. Build your own followers


This is one of the strategies of big blogs, even if their blog stops getting traffic from the search engines, they will still be getting traffic.

Those big blogs have many followers on their social media platforms like the Facebook group, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. And the major part is the Email List (also known as a newsletter).

So, when they have new contents, they can share with their followers on social media platforms so it will reach more people. And also, let’s say you want to promote a product, you can share with your followers easily.

That’s the secret of how popular bloggers are getting many sales than you, they have more followers than you do, so it is easy to convince them to buy the product because they have trusted the popular bloggers.

With this, you will solve the first problem to face in the future of blogging i.e Less Traffic.

Here are some tips to build your own followers;

  • Create social media accounts and put the icon on the sidebar.
  • Start email marketing.

Before you go

Blogging is some people’s occupation so it will be in existence for a long period of time. Though, it is like a hobby because some people do say; they blog with passion.

Anything can happen you’re right, but I am sure that blogging will be in existence.

You don’t have to worry about this (future of blogging), All you need to do is to follow what have said in this article, and I am very sure that everything will turn up positively.

I suggest you bookmark this content because I will be updating with the new things about the future of bloggers and blogging.

Having one or two things to say?

I have provided the comment box for you to share your thoughts, ask questions and discussions, not for designs.

Happy Blogging!

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