Differences between a Vlog and Blog: Vlogging VS Blogging

differences between a vlog and a blog

Vlog and Blog? Are there any differences there?

To some people, they will even think I made a mistake replacing b to v when spelling vlog. It is not a mistake.

In this content, I will tell you the differences between a vlog and a blog i.e differences between blogging and vlogging.

Let’s get started, but before starting, I have a guide that explained more about blogging; Guide to blogging.

What is Blogging and What is Vlogging?

Before anything concerning this topic, the first thing you need to know is the meaning of the two terms i.e blogging and vlogging.

I will tell you the meaning now i.e creating a subheading for each.

What is Blogging: The meaning of blogging

what is blogging

Blogging comprises of many things i.e it is so broad. It has its rules and regulations that will guide those who are doing blogging i.e the bloggers (those who blogs).

Now, let’s discuss the meaning of blogging;

Blogging means managing a blog.

The phrase managing a blog means a lot i.e it covers the whole meaning of blogging. I will explain in a simple way.

Managing a blog is like managing a company, as the manager of a company you have to make sure everything is going well, that’s also the same thing for blogging, managing a blog involves the writing of contents, growing your blog etc.

You will need this:

  • Blog: This is like a journal where you can share your thoughts i.e write content. Bluecabal is an example for a blog, I write about marketing and blogging, so I am sharing my thoughts about marketing and blogging.
  • Blogger: This is a person who blogs i.e a person who is blogging.

What is Vlogging: The Meaning of Vlogging

what is vlogging


Does that even exist?

That was how I was wondering the first day coming across the word “vlogging”.

Vlogging has a simple meaning just like blogging.

Vlogging means managing a vlog.

I have explained what managing means so you should have to get my point.

You will need these:

  • Vlog: This is a platform that contains video i.e a video blog. An example is Youtube.
  • Vlogger: A person who vlogs or who do vlogging.

FAQ about Blogging and Vlogging

Before starting anything you should know more about it. So you will surely have some questions to ask about blogging and blogging.

I have thought of those questions, so I will answer them;

How much can I make from blogging or vlogging?

For Blogging: You can make unlimited money from blogging i.e there is no specific amount put. All you need to do to improve your earnings is to write more quality contents that will help people, it is when your content help people that you can make money. Traffic is also an important thing in making money from blogging, I have answered this question; How much can I make from blogging?

For Vlogging: Vlogging is also the same thing, you can make unlimited money from your video blog. All you need to do is creating more quality videos with subtitles and also share the videos to reach more people.

How long will it take to make money from blogging or vlogging?

For Blogging: It takes a long time because nowadays there is competition in blogging, so if you’re smart enough and following the tips and tricks i.e following the tips to get traffic, you should make money within 6months and maximum of a year.

For Vlogging: Vlogging takes little time before you can make money from it because you can just create videos and decided to sell it to people (you’re making money already). But believe me you won’t get more sales compared to building a vlog where you will have some free videos so if your free videos are good and helpful, then people will be eager to buy your premium video.

Where can I learn about blogging and vlogging?

For Blogging: This is the major thing you should do before starting, you should do more research about blogging learning the tips, tricks, strategies to make blogging easier for you and achieve things within a short period of time. Here is the list of website to learn how to blog:

  1. Blogging
  2. FirstSiteGuide.
  3. LearnToBlog
  4. Bluecabal

For Vlogging: Vlogging is wide, before starting you will need full knowledge about it. Here is the list of website to learn how to vlog:

  1. Udemy.
  2. VlogNation.
  3. VloggerPro.

What are the tools I will need for blogging or vlogging?

For Blogging: You will need some tools i.e gadgets. Here is the list of the tools you will need for blogging:

  1. Computer/Laptop.
  2. Good Internet/.

For Vlogging: Vlogging needs many tools especially for video recording. You need many tools to make sure the video is quality. Here is the list of tools you will need for vlogging:

  1. Video recording materials, You can check out; Vlogging Equipment Materials.
  2. Laptop/Computer.
  3. Good Internet

How much do I need to invest in blogging or vlogging?

For Blogging: As a new blogger, don’t believe everything is free. Blogging involves investing. The more you invest, the more you earn in blogging.

For Vlogging: This involves investment most because of the tools you need to do it and also you may need to do marketing so that you can get subscribers.

How to Start A Vlog and Blog.

You’ve known the basic things about blogging and vlogging, I have even answered some questions that you may have, so the next thing is how to start right?

I will explain how to start both blogging and vlogging now:

How to start a blog; Start Blogging

how to start blogging

Starting a blog is simple. But before starting you need to know something that is how blogging really works. I have explained more in the guide; Guide to blogging.

To start a blog, you will need to follow some steps.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Choose a blogging platform.
  2. Choose and buy a domain name.
  3. Create your blog.
  4. Publish quality contents.
  5. Grow your blog.

I have explained each step in my guide to blogging, you can read from; the guide to blogging.

How to start a Vlog; Start Vlogging

how to start vlogging

To start a vlog is not really simple, I mean it is somehow tedious because you will need to get some tools and get everything set up before starting, even in some cases you may need to get a pro so he can explain more.

Here are the steps to start a vlog:

  1. Get Started with YouTube Vlogging for an Online Audience.

  2. Find Inspiration from Watching Other Vloggers.

  3. Choose a Vlogging Topic, Theme or Style.

  4. Decide What Equipment You’ll Use to Film, Edit and Upload.

  5. Create Your YouTube Account and Customize It.

  6. Promote Your Videos on Social Media.

The steps have been explained in this guide; How to start Vlogging.


Blogging and Vlogging is somehow the same, the slight differences there is that blogging involves managing a blog, and vlogging involves managing a vlog (video blog).

You can even do the same i.e blogging and vlogging together as I will do in the future. After blogging, then I will create a youtube channel and start vlogging by making videos that are related to my posts and embedding in all my posts.

So Blogging Earnings + Vlogging Earnings = More Earnings.

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