The Definition of Email Campaign: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Definition of Email Campaign

In Email Marketing, the major things you should know about is Email Campaign, so here is the guide that takes about The Definition of Email Campaign and Some components about it.

If you’ve read my guide to email marketing, so will have known much about email marketing. campaign.

I don’t think I am the only one who usually gets this;

Whenever someone sent me a mail I get bored (I am not praised to check the mail).


The mail isn’t having catchy titles, it looks weird sometimes.

A typical example of what I mean is this;

I got an email recently, though I don’t really know how I joined their newsletter. My point is that since they’ve sent the mail to me, I haven’t check it. Actually, I saw immediately they sent but the title looks bored, it isn’t catchy at all. Here is the screenshot.

bad email campaign
Bored Email Campaign

I also got another mail the same day, you won’t believe me immediately I saw the email, I clicked on it. why? The title is too perfect, it so catchy and related to what I want to know. Here is the screenshot.

catchy email campaign

From what have said, you should have learned something, here are some strategies that have mentioned that will give you a successful email campaign:

  • Send emails with a catchy title.
  • Send emails that people want.
  • Don’t buy emails.
  • Don’t sign people up to your newsletter without their knowledge.
  • Schedule when to send emails to your subscribers (doing it everything isn’t really advisable, it looks like spamming).

Don’t worry, I will tell you major strategies to build successful email campaigns, it can be for your blog or a company, with the strategies you can get more sales from email marketing.

So I hope you get that?

That’s great, let’s proceed to the what email campaign really means.

Definition of Email Campaign

Email Campaign?

What does that really means?

Don’t worry, you will surely understand what it really means.

But, I am a digital marketer, so I have many strategies which I use. Actually, there is a strategy to get the meaning of simple terms just like email campaign.

The strategy is that; you’re going to split the two words, find the meaning of the first (email) and find the meaning of the second (campaign).

So let’s follow my strategy, it usually¬†works!

Email – sending messages to people (mailing).

Campaign – organized way to achieve a goal(s).

So let’s joined the two together with their meanings.

Email Campaign is the organized ways to send messages to the people. That’s the simplest way I can put the definition.

Though, through the process of email campaigning, you may need to get emails of the people where you want to send emails to.

Can you see email campaign definition is simple now?

Yes, but the issue that makes email campaign broad is that:

  1. Getting email subscribers to which you will send messages to.
  2. Optimizing the email campaigns so that it can attract people.

So let me help you with the issues you may face when doing your email campaign.

Getting email subscribers

students pressing laptop

Without email subscribers, your email campaign isn’t successful and remember we want to build a successful email campaign that will bring more sales.

But why won’t email campaign be successful without email subscribers?

Email subscribers are those people you want to send emails to, so without them, your email campaign is reaching nobody (you’re the only one seeing).

Here are some email marketing strategies you can use to get more email subscribers;

  1. Add sign up forms inside your contents (it may be middle or end) and on the sidebar.
  2. Make use of popups (you can use optinmonster for that).
  3. Make free courses and ask for people’s email before they can have access to it (let them know that they will join your newsletter).

Optimizing the Email Campaign


Actually, this is a big issue that needs a guide (a case study), this is one of the reasons why companies hire email marketers to create an optimized email campaign for them.

This actually made email marketing somehow difficult, because if you’re don’t optimize your email campaigns very well, people won’t click when they saw as a mail talkless of reading the mail (where you’ve pasted the link to your product to get more sales).

Optimizing the email campaign has its own guidelines, as have said it is a case study’s on it own.

I have created many email campaigns, so I have the full experience of how it really works, what you will do so that people will click and other things.

So I will share with you those strategies to optimize your email campaigns.

Here are the strategies (they work perfectly);

  1. Create a catchy title: The title is the first thing people will see when you send email to them, so you need to make sure it is catchy and related to what the mail entails. Example of catchy titles are; 10 tips to improve your blog traffic within 2days, Going Soon: Buy web hosting at $1 etc. Here is the screenshot of catchy email title:

    catchy email campaign
    Catchy Email title
  2. Make sure the sender’s name appears: This is very important, people must have known you before, so when you send mail, your name should appear also (maybe they have trusted you). You don’t worry, the email marketing software you chose will ask for the sender’s name, so you can write the name you use on your blog. Here is the screenshot of sender’s name:

    sender's name in email campaign
    Sender’s Name
  3. Schedule emails: You can’t just be sending emails to people at anything, it doesn’t look professional, you can let them know before signing up that they will get mail once in a week (maybe every Saturday), that looks good and professional and it prevents spamming.
  4. Word lengths: You’re writing emails, not contents. You don’t have to say everything in the email, keep it short and simple.
  5. Go straight: Don’t confuse your subscribers, they don’t have much time to read all emails, keep it simple, if you want to write about web hosting, write about that, don’t tell the reasons why they need web hosting (you can write a content then link to it from the mail).
  6. Make it simple: Email is just like sending messages, you know messages are always short and simple. What I really mean by simple is that, use words that your email subscribers can understand easily (you don’t need big grammars before you can create email campaigns).
  7. Make it shareable: Many email marketing software like MailChimp has this feature, people can easily share the emails on their social media platforms by clicking.
  8. Don’t link too much: It is not when every paragraph contains links that people will buy your product or visit your website since the email is short, one or two links is enough.
  9. Use Call-to-action: Call-to-action button is a button that is used to grab people’s attention to do something, it can be to buy or sign up. Many Email Softwares have the features that allow you to create call-to-action button with any text. Here is the typical example of call-to-action button:

    Call to action button
    Call to action button
  10. Use Images and Gifs: I don’t like when text is dull, I mean not fancy. It is images, Gifs that makes content look professional and neat. So you can embed images and gifs in your emails also.
  11. Mobile Friendliness: Believe me, not everyone signed in their email account on laptops, many signed in on mobile, so the question now is that, is your email campaign mobile friendly? This depends on the email marketing software you’re using. But nowadays almost all the Email Marketing Software are responsive.


An email campaign is simple when you follow the guidelines, you’re surely going to get the positive result (increase in your sales) when you use the strategies that have mentioned above.

You can work as an email marketer by building campaigns for big companies and they will pay you huge money, so knowing how to build a successful email campaign is very good.

In this content, You’ve known; The definition of Email Campaign, How to get subscribers to your email campaign and also how to optimize your email campaign.

Having anything to add or did I omit anything? You can tell me via the comment box.

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