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Bluecabal is a blog that helps people in building their online business with Proven Strategies, Advice, Tips, and Techniques. We provide posts which will guide you to the right way to manage your business as a professional without any mistake.

Bluecabal was fully launched on the 1st February Of 2018, the domain name was purchased on the January 15th Of 2018.

The bluecabal is owned and managed by Olabiyi Malik.

Who is Olabiyi Malik?

Olabiyi Malik

Hello, I’m Olabiyi Malik! Blogger. Programmer. Web Designer. Freelancer. Graphics Designer. Digital Marketer. SEO Consultant.

He is born on the 22th Of April, In Osogbo, Osun State Nigeria, Where he resides.

He is the founder of bluecabal. His recent activities include Helping People in building their online business. And Also teaching people more about digital marketing, SEO, Blogging.

He created bluecabal main to help people with their business and teach them more about the internet.

About Author

Olabiyi Malik

Hello, I'm Olabiyi Malik, .Blogger .Programmer .Digital Marketer .SEO Consultant.
I am the founder of Bluecabal, where i teach people more about the internet.


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