I know you will be wondering and curious to know the geek behind this blog that teaches people Online Marketing for free?

But before that, it is very appealing and encouraging that you visit here.


You will be like, who owns this blog that has so many epic contents and very simple and fast loading right?

You’ought to be, it worths it.

Writing epic contents about marketing which is a broad topic and teach people what I have learnt so far isn’t easy.

The Founder and CEO of Bluecabal is Malik Olabiyi.

Who is Malik Olabiyi?

Malik Olabiyi, The Founder and CEO Of Bluecabal, He is a blogger and a digital marketer, he is from Osun state, Nigeria in Africa, he was born on 22nd of April 2003.

Olabiyi Malik
Olabiyi Malik [Founder of Bluecabal]
I am passionate about blogging and also learning anything that comes my way.

I know you will be wondering a small boy like me being a blogger right?

It’s a long story, come let me share you small.

The Long Story…

It happens one faithful day, when I was in primary school, me and my colleagues back then have an assignment, it is an unfortunate day that all my elder sisters and brothers aren’t at home, and I need to submit the assignment the next day, I was like how will I do this?

I ask dad, he told me to consult Google and gave me his phone, so he opens the internet and I type in the question.

It’s a magic to me when I saw websites with very good titles which are very catchy, so I clicked on the first and find the solution to the question.

Since then, I was wondering that what are those things appearing? and other questions, I later get confused and meet my Computer teacher who explains more to me, he told me those things appearing are blogs and websites, so since then, I am eager to know how to create my own website or blog so that I can also show when people search questions.

I have no phone neither laptop when I get to Secondary school, my dad bought an android phone for me, I have even forgotten that I have something to create not until I visited a website for network cheats.

Back then, there is a blog called Blazerwap(popularly known as Prexblog), he embedded a link on how to create a blog to a post about network cheat, so I clicked on it to read more.

After reading it, I created a blog on Blogspot blogging platform which is gurufound.blogspot.com(which was hacked by someone), and by then I copied the blog(blazerwap)’s design, that was what lead me to programming, I asked people how i can create a blogger templates like that so they said I need to go to programming class,  so they recommended Tutorialspoint for me, so i started learning then.

Programming was quite interesting so I tried and build a passion for it, and by now I learned HTML and CSS from 3 websites (w3schools, Tutorialspoint and Codecademy).

Though back then my grammar is very worst than anything,  thanks to a friend Grimes, Founder of tecxploit, he reads my contents and tells me my mistakes back then without collecting a dime so from there I got a domain name (gurusfound.com), I run the blog for 3 months, and actually I am using the blog to be a full expert in WordPress.

So when I noticed that I have all that I want then I started Bluecabal and run it professionally.

And for my Marketing skIll, i read blogs, eBooks, think of what will work for marketing, learn from professional marketers, in facebook groups, ask questions and all other things.

That’s the end of my story to the blogging world.

So now you know more about me right?


Keep learning and never give up!

Happy Marketing!!!

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