And I am very glad that you’ve come to my blog to learn more about Digital Marketing & Blogging.

I think I am so lucky for you to have come to my blog and even remember to read the about page, that shows you wants to know more about me and my blog.

Don’t worry, I will tell you more about me and even my blog.

My Domain Name


What does this stand for and how do I get the domain name?

It takes me much time before I can think of this classic domain name, nowadays when people wants to start a new blog, they  go for popular domain name that people use.

I mean like “loaded”, many entertainment website uses this a lot (in Nigeria), the main reason is that a popular entertainment blog in Nigeria uses that domain name.

And I love to go for unique things (I don’t like using what’s popular).

So that’s why I went for a unique domain name.

It was the combination of two words (my best colour and a word that means a lot).

Blue (my best color) – Cabal (powerful person in a field)

Do you understand how I formed my domain name (bluecabal)?

That’s great, so why do I create this blog?

What’s the purpose of creating bluecabal?

You will be thinking of this question, why is bluecabal created?

There are many reasons why I created bluecabal, but the major reason is to teach people (especially Nigerians) Digital Marketing, Blogging and How to make money online.

There are issues in Nigeria that most citizens of Nigeria don’t know the ways to they can use to make money using phones and laptops.

So I have created this blog to contribute my knowledge to the whole world (especially my country Nigeria).

I researched something, and later found out some people created many things (phones, laptops) but what can I create also to help people?

That question (what can I do to help people also?) led to the creation of this blog.

When did I created bluecabal?

How old is bluecabal?

I created bluecabal on 1st of February 2018, though I have bought the domain name by ending of January.

Actually, after creating the blog on February 2018, I didn’t run the blog, so I started fully by April 2018.

Founder of Bluecabal

Does a company owned bluecabal?

It’s a personal blog owned by an individual.

Bluecabal is owned and managed by Malik Olabiyi.

Olabiyi Malik is the one who write contents on bluecabal.

Malik Olabiyi
Malik Olabiyi (Founder of Bluecabal)

I’m Olabiyi Malik, A blogger, a Digital Marketer and a Programmer. I’m the Founder of Bluecabal.com. I’m a Nigerian.

I’m so determined when it comes to helping people, especially if you want to learn something that I have knowledge about.

You can join my newsletter to start learning Digital Marketing & Blogging now, tomorrow may be late.